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Michael Jackson: Man in the Mirror

Yesterday I sat and watched coverage about Michael Jackson's death. Today every paper, television and radio station have nothing but headlines and stories about this. Today the world is down a wonderful performer. Today his music will be played and people will sing and dance and remember where they were when a given song was first played. Today the world is down a pedophile.

About a year ago, I had a conversation with someone about Michael Jackson and my response to her was "I'd listen and enjoy his music, but I would never buy anything of his ever again." Why would I contribute to the continued success of a man who preys on little boys? The reaction to the loss of the musician can not be denied, but let's not call him names like hero. I saw a scrolling story that received no headline that 16 soldiers had died in Baghdad. I do not know if they were American or Iraqi or some other soldier from another country. These men's regardless of which side, are heroes. W…

Thank You Dad

Today is Father's Day. A silly holiday, made up by a greeting card company to sell product. Such it is with most holidays. I myself am not a father, but I do recognize the joy that these days bring parents. When their young children present them with the little knick-knack they made at school or breakfast in bed. The card with the stick figure drawings of the big guy and the little guy. It's a big deal for Dad.

Today is my father's 38th such event. I'm sure he's awake right now, in his bathrobe and slippers, scampering downstairs to make breakfast for his 96-year old mother, who despite being of an eerily sound mind (not that it was ever truly that sound), is recovering from a fall. I'm sure his day will include reading the paper, having a nice chat with his cat, Goku, checking his e-mail, maybe a bike ride if the weather is nice. If he's lucky a swim. He may go for a walk and take in the nature in Ithaca. A trek over to see on e of the gorges maybe. His day…

A-Z of what is pissing me off

Angelina Jolie - remember 1999? That was the last time she was in a good movie.
Bill O'Reilly - hasn't said anything shameful recently, but he will.
Cable - why do we have to pay when there is nothing good on?
Dieting - why can't this be enjoyable?
Edible Arrangements - something is just weird about this actually making money.
Fuel prices - they've very quietly risen 66 cents in the last six weeks.
Grey's Anatomy - making people stupid since 2005
Heath Ledger - alright already, he was no James Dean, hell not even a River Phoenix!
IRS - for making me a lot poorer than I should be. OK it's my fault, but come on.
Joaquin Phoenix - for being one of the best actors not acting. Stop being weird. Act!
Kohl's - for advertising way more than you have to.
Lost - for confusing my smart friends and for making my dumb friends explain it.
Money - for me not having enough of you.
Night - the only time I'm wide awake.
Obama - for saying "change" when you should have said &…


If there is one thing I have never had any ability in doing, it is writing poetry. I think it's because every time I might have had a thought, it came out as too corny or I took a humorous spin. It just never works. My mind can never rest on one subject long enough to put down a concrete thought. Just this morning, I awoke from a deep sleep, with thoughts of childhood hijinks in my mind. Unfortunately, I had hit the caps lock button and the results ruined my train of thought. Here are the results.


Maybe I have ADD....Adult Dunkin Donuts?

Making A Plan

Woody Allen once said "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." I say, if you want to make me laugh, yell at me for hating to make plans.

I hate plans. Plans are optimists ways of hoping they can do something at a given time. Plans are a pessimists way of setting up for an imminent failure. I'm a realist and plans mean only one thing to me. Plans allow others to let you down. Sure, I can hear the rumblings. I'm just a pessimist calling myself a realist. I disagree. Look at what we plan for. When we are younger we plan on play dates. Sickness comes along and we're stuck looking out a window at what could have been. When I was younger I spent all day in school planning on a sport being played on my block. Then the afternoon shower would come along and while it didn't bother me, so many times I'd receive that distant yell telling me to come inside. As I got older I planned my weekends with friends. Friday morning, my mother would tell me how we we…


Ask any child what their favorite food is and a large majority will say pizza is their favorite food in all the world.. Kids seem to love it. Dough, tomato sauce, and cheese. So simple and yet kids go crazy over it. As we become adults we start to enjoy pizza with toppings. Some are traditional like pepperoni or sausage. Some are a little adventurous, such as ham & pineapple or lasagna. Some are just odd, like egg or shrimp. Regardless of your topping preference, chances are you love pizza.

A funny thing has happened as the years have gone by. I really don't love much pizza. Sure it's easy and convenient, but honestly, when was the last time you had a delicious slice of pizza? I live in a town where there are about 12 pizzerias within 2 miles of my home. Many are good, but I don't know if I'd classify any as great. Sure certain places have their specialties or their signature slice, but honestly, there aren't too many places I've been that are great across t…