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Free Writing - Take 100

Very rarely, do I write from my phone. Then again, today, or should I say yesterday, wasn't your typical day. I've been certain things for certain people, but not on this day. I was not the person one turned to, the one who shared a mutual admiration with. I was not the older brother, the funny one, the first to know. I was nothing, to anyone and as I stood at the base of a semi-frozen waterfall, I realized my insignificance. I realize that this one would move on and that one would simply find someone else to share with. I realized I'm not the pillar of strength, the guide or the one with sage advice. I left the crashing sounds of the water, emerged onto the street and as I hobbled home, even the thoughts of home wore me down. I stepped slowly, wishing to dash, but physically hindered. I cake across across a schoolyard, laughter bellowing, then turned and walked. The only thoughts, about how all that I want is slowly becoming as realistic as stopping that water from rushin…

Movies of 2015

I, Frankenstein - Better than anticipated and Yvonne StrahovskiRoom 237 - Silly, aside from the obvious observations - war, genocide, labyrinthThe Outlaw (Korean) - Garbled mess with some worth ideas, but fails on each.Deliver Us From Evil - Great lead up to a disappointing final 20 minutesIda - The best movie of the year, if not the last fewVenom - Awful horror with a good castBarricade - Will from Will & Grace sucks in this supernatural nightmare.Calvary - Incredible film by the people who made The GuardSamurai Rebellion - Mifune. Slow start, but wow what a finish.H.H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer - Documentary - Crap!Neverlake - Extraordinary take on Frankenstein.Blood Valley: Seed's Revenge - One of the worst movies ever made.Knuckle - Documentary about Pikey clans and their ongoing feud. Good, but sad.Only Lovers Left Alive - Jarmusch delivers the 3rd greatest vampire movie ever made.Fright Night (1985) - Re-watched. Sans Chris Sarandon, a truly horrible film…