Friday, January 8, 2016

Free Writing - Take 100

Very rarely, do I write from my phone. Then again, today, or should I say yesterday, wasn't your typical day. I've been certain things for certain people, but not on this day. I was not the person one turned to, the one who shared a mutual admiration with. I was not the older brother, the funny one, the first to know. I was nothing, to anyone and as I stood at the base of a semi-frozen waterfall, I realized my insignificance. I realize that this one would move on and that one would simply find someone else to share with. I realized I'm not the pillar of strength, the guide or the one with sage advice. I left the crashing sounds of the water, emerged onto the street and as I hobbled home, even the thoughts of home wore me down. I stepped slowly, wishing to dash, but physically hindered. I cake across across a schoolyard, laughter bellowing, then turned and walked. The only thoughts, about how all that I want is slowly becoming as realistic as stopping that water from rushing down. As I made the final turn, key in the door, I was greeted by a familiar face, never once feeling any more alone. The day barely half over and I had nobody to share it with. Not a single moment.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Movies of 2015

  1. I, Frankenstein - Better than anticipated and Yvonne Strahovski
  2. Room 237 - Silly, aside from the obvious observations - war, genocide, labyrinth
  3. The Outlaw (Korean) - Garbled mess with some worth ideas, but fails on each.
  4. Deliver Us From Evil - Great lead up to a disappointing final 20 minutes
  5. Ida - The best movie of the year, if not the last few
  6. Venom - Awful horror with a good cast
  7. Barricade - Will from Will & Grace sucks in this supernatural nightmare.
  8. Calvary - Incredible film by the people who made The Guard
  9. Samurai Rebellion - Mifune. Slow start, but wow what a finish.
  10. H.H. Holmes: America's First Serial Killer - Documentary - Crap!
  11. Neverlake - Extraordinary take on Frankenstein.
  12. Blood Valley: Seed's Revenge - One of the worst movies ever made.
  13. Knuckle - Documentary about Pikey clans and their ongoing feud. Good, but sad.
  14. Only Lovers Left Alive - Jarmusch delivers the 3rd greatest vampire movie ever made.
  15. Fright Night (1985) - Re-watched. Sans Chris Sarandon, a truly horrible film.
  16. Lust of the Dead - Japanese social commentary that uses tons of rape and zombies. UGH!
  17. Donner Pass - Silly teens go to a ski house. Myth attacks them, or something. ZZZ
  18. Knights of Badassdom - Dopey title, but funny horror film about LARPs and spirits.
  19. Zombies: When the Dead Walk - Awful 45 minute documentary. Truly awful. 
  20. As Above, So Below - No reason it's found footage and plagues it throughout. Meh!
  21. Contracted - Sleaze. No socially redeeming qualities at all. Truly despicable. 
  22. A Company Man - Decent Korean crime thriller, but lacks anything special. 
  23. Frank - Quirky film that barely works. Is it about Twitter or a guy with a big head?
  24. Dredd - No Stallone, but equally as silly, with the exception of lovely Olivia Thirlby.
  25. Lady Ninja Kaede 2 - Technicolor dildo, sex spells and a ninja nun who's horny. WTF?
  26. Timecrimes - Carefully done time travel movie with huge holes nobody seems to care about.
  27. The Den - Solid internet based horror with jumps, blood, violence and cute lead. 
  28. OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies - Jean Dujardin, Berenice Bejo. James Bond meets Naked Gun.
  29. We Are The Best - Teen girls keep punk rock alive in 1982 Sweden. Amazingly beautiful!
  30. Solomon Kane - Silly CGI filled crusade. Potential, but fades quickly and continues on. 
  31. Tromeo & Juliet - Troma films are a guilty pleasure and specific taste, this one was A+
  32. The Zero Theorem - Gilliams delivers with stunning performances by all.
  33. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari - Re-watched. Still hold's up, but pales in comparison to Nosferatu.
  34. The Town That Hated Sundown - Remake or Sequel? Solid start, but completely fizzles.
  35. Boyhood - Long-winded tale of growing up with a very misogynistic angle.  
  36. Filth - Scottish film with James McAvoy as bad cop. Heavy, but not the Bad Lieutenant.
  37. Trance - Great cast flounders in another Danny Boyle debacle, but words.
  38. Odd Thomas - Yelchin and my new bae Addison Timlin shine in Koontz adaptation. 
  39. Detention - Cross between Easy A, Scream & Hot Tub Time Machine. Good fun!
  40. Fighting Express Trilogy - I'm counting this as one, because I watched it in FF. Awful.
  41. Under the Skin - eerily though provoking with Oscar worthy performance by Johannson. 
  42. Killer Mermaid - aside from a tiny bikini and shorts, this one is as bad as it gets.
  43. Gone Girl - Wonderful acting can't help poor script and silly premise. Ending is a mess. 
  44. Virunga - Documentary on the preservation of Congo's Mountain Gorilla's and so much more.
  45. Thale - Noregian fairytale with slow beginning and cheesy ending, but solid guts. 
  46. Enemy - Simplistic tale of infidelity, made out to be much more complex than it is. 
  47. Friday the 13th: Final Chapter - Re-Watched. Silly fun. Forgot how lame 80's horror is.
  48. Wicked Little Things - Surprisingly strong cast carries this above par. Simple, yet effective.
  49. ABC's of Death 2 - Pretty awful sans four scenes. J, S, T, X. 
  50. The Man From Nowhere - Korean action masterpiece. It's what taken wished it had been. 
  51. White Bird in a Blizzard - Great cast in one of the worst movies ever made. Ridiculous ending.
  52. Hellraiser - Re-watched. Wonderfully creepy, but hilarious at times, especially Higgins.
  53. Dazed and Confused - Re-watched. Still probably the best Linklater film. Timely and timeless.
  54. Starry Eyes - Could have been a modern day Repulsion, but goes the demonic route. Meh!
  55. White Zombie - Poor Bela. First Zombie film ever is true to mystique, but lacks decent story. 
  56. Only God Forgives - Winding Refn and Gosling miss, but Scott Thomas is Razzie material. 
  57. Crazy Eights - Cast of up and comers (if it was 1990) can't help this horrid film.
  58. Omnivores - Wonderful Spanish horror, with a fatal flaw keeping it from brilliance.
  59. Solaris - Tarkovsky crawls us through this simple look at human's ruining humanity. 
  60. Open Grave - Silly plot that never takes hold due to horrible acting and script.
  61. The Hours (parts, reason behind it) - Incredible performances with standouts Moore and Harris
  62. Whiplash - I'm in a minuscule minority, but one of the worst movies I've ever seen. 
  63. Annabelle - Ten times better than The Conjuring. Thrilling and even has a few legit scares.
  64. Cronos - Del Toro's first is a beautiful take on a classic. Aurora is the standout.
  65. Honeymoon - Atrocious acting, silly plot and not a single boo!
  66. Finding Vivian Maier - Uneven, but wonderful doc on the secret life of brilliant photographer.
  67. Foxcatcher - 90% fictional tale, ruins a fascinating true story. Awful acting or negligible?
  68. Ravenous - Silly horror flick, but elevated by the incredible Robert Carlyle.
  69. The Judge - Predictable and filled with Hollywood cliche, but stellar cast make it enjoyable.
  70. The House of the Devil - homage to 70's/80's is typical Ti West yawn fest. Nothing happens!
  71. The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wonderfully quirky Wes Anderson does it again. Stellar Fiennes.
  72. Nightcrawler - Brilliant idea falls flat with unlikable characters and implausible second half.
  73. Dracula Untold - Solid, fun start, derails into CGI mess with awful ending. Gadon - yowza!
  74. Confession of Murder - Scattered mess of a film ends up destroying great start and concept.
  75. The Station Agent - Dinklage, Cannavale, Clarkson and Williams deliver an A+ story.
  76. Clerks 2 - Re-watched. So much of it is better than the first, but in the end, nowhere near.
  77. Rosewater - Stewart's let down and he gives in to his own detractor's stereotypes and snubs.
  78. Kumare - Powerful documentary about fake guru, who helps, despite his deceitful premise. 
  79. The Scribbler - Typical graphic novel come to life. Starts great, unravels into a true mess.
  80. Session 9 - Incredible for 85 minutes. Unfortunately it has a 95 minute running time. 
  81. Sushi Girl - Awful B-Movie studded Reservoir Dogs knock off. Cortney Palm though, wow!
  82. Fury - Solid cast, especially LaBoeuf, make up for poor script. Much better than expected.
  83. Fading Gigolo - Turturro stars and directs Allen and Paradis brilliantly in NYC. Paradis(e)!
  84. Berberian Sound Studio - I'm still not sure if this is just one big in-joke. Brilliant or Mess?
  85. Birdman - Near nauseating visuals and sound, add nothing to boring take of hurt egos.
  86. Her - Brilliant! 10/10 Spike Jonze just puts perfect scene after perfect scene. Johannson's voice!
  87. The Equalizer - Fuqua proves again he's not a very talented director and worse story teller.
  88. The Theory of Everything - Marsh's inability to gravitate towards TV movie a good cast.
  89. V/H/S Viral - My new selection for worst film ever made. Four shaky vignettes - not a movie.
  90. The Imitation Game - A near perfect film. Script, acting and music are amazing. Cumberbatch!
  91. The Drop - Littered with mistakes and red herrings, the film tries for depth the story lacks.
  92. Next Door - Awful Norwegian film with overused premise and awful giveaways.
  93. Killers - Every action plot cliche and gimmick ever, all in one movie. Absolutely ridiculous.
  94. Tiny: A Story about Small Living - Psychobabble aside, great insight into the movement.
  95. Zapped! - Re-watched - Early 80's teen hijinks flick with the Charles in Charge crew.
  96. WolfCop - Shockingly, one of the best B-movies I've seen in a long long time.
  97. Kill The Messenger - Superbly cast and Renner shines, but the last 20 minutes is dreadful.
  98. Godfather II - Re-watched. Top 25 all-time, but those final 45 minutes are magic.
  99. Mama - Re-watched. One of the best horror films of the last decade. Chastain controls it.
  100. The Lunchbox - Amazingly beautiful story, never overstepping its boundaries.
  101. Maniac (1980) - For the budget, still one of the best slasher films ever made. Creepy!
  102. Sherlock (Season 1) - Each episode starts so well, but becomes tedious and silly.
  103. Interstellar - Typical Chris Nolan hype machine. Not 1/100th as complex as advertised.
  104. The Babadook - Nothing new and over-hyped, but it works if you can tolerate the child. 
  105. Sherlock (Season 2) - Better than the first and escalates, but Ep. 1 has Lara Pulver, sigh!
  106. Dogtooth - A bizarre look at obedience, paternal dominance on the danger of naivety.
  107. The Man with the Iron Fists 2 - Not as good as #1, but the music, scenery and action is fun.
  108. Black Sunday - Bava's "classic" is downright awful and boring. Nicely shot, but that is all.
  109. Wing Chun - Martial Arts/Rom-Com (yes really) with Michelle Yeoh. Incredible!
  110. Housebound - New Zealand Horror-Comedy that deliver on every level. 
  111. Bring Me the Head of Machine Gun Girl - Sexy El Mariachi style movie with GTA theme.
  112. A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night - Awful attempt at artsy vampire tales, forgets story.
  113. Ferngully: The Last Rainforest - Cute animated tail with global message. Kids will love it.
  114. Lucy - Besson Sci-Fi with Scarjo carrying the whole thing. Fun, but downright silly.
  115. Particle Fever - Higgs particle exploration. For true physicists and science geeks only.
  116. Boy - New Zealand coming of age story, reminiscent of Napolean Dynamite, but much better.
  117. A Most Wanted Man - Miscast spy thriller. Uneven, but Rachel McAdams shines.
  118. My Bloody Valentine (1981) - Cult classic is terrible and not horror in any way.
  119. Patton Oswalt: Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time - Inconsistent, but some is hilarious.
  120. Sherlock (Season 3) - Very few shows get better every episode. Oh and Yasmine Akram!
  121. Big Hero 6 - Wonderful Disney Animation, Touching story, great characters and music!
  122. Nightmares in Red, White & Blue - Politically motivated horror history. Dreadful!
  123. Moonrise Kingdom - Wes Anderson at his best. Honesty meets youth. Possibly his best. 
  124. Goodfellas - Must admit, while still decent, it hasn't stood the test of time. Seems very choppy.
  125. High and Low - Kurosawa! Underrated and one of the best movies I've ever seen. 
  126. Force Majeure - Truly awful. Basic premise beaten to death, cliche resolution and then...ugh!
  127. No Tears for the Dead - Korean action that I turned off. Awful from start to finish. 
  128. Life Itself - Documentary of Roger Ebert misses the mark on almost every level imaginable. 
  129. The Hunter - Dafoe is unbelievable, as in not able to believe in this muddled mess.
  130. Alps - Oh lord! The writer/director of Dogtooth examines communication in an odd way.
  131. Predator - Still holds up. Don't watch too carefully, but still an all-time great creature feature.
  132. Selma - Impeccable direction, with one of the strongest starts I've ever seen. Oscar Snubbed!
  133. A Most Violent Year - How not to make a movie. It simply lacked everything.
  134. End Day - Silly, but very short Doomsday scenario film. Completely fails!
  135. Preservation - Standard, lost in woods tale, which teaches us to always turn our backs.
  136. Park Ave: Money, Power and the American Dream - Terrifying doc on wealth in politics
  137. Top Five - Chris Rock writes, directs and stars in a deliciously funny story about fame.
  138. Found - Wonderful horror concept is crushed by limited vision and budget.
  139. Cropsey - Pretty good take on how urban legends can resemble real life crimes or not.
  140. Wild - Reese Witherspoon is brilliant. A gritty, dark film about self exploration.
  141. Doin' It In The Park - Street basketball and its subculture. Fun if you lived in it.
  142. These Last Hours - Australian end of the world flick, works on almost every level. 
  143. Cube - Overrated cult classic, which suffers from wooden acting and absolutely no tension.
  144. [REC] 4 - Worlds better than #3 and solid finish to a very well done series. 
  145. La Haine - Visually striking and eerily current 1995 French drama. Us vs Them in B&W.
  146. Scum - Brutal drama examining youth penal system in UK. Ray Winstone's first role is solid.
  147. Still Alice - Is the title ironic? Wooden characters, even Moore, sinks this Oscar winner.
  148. Banshee Chapter - Irritating camerawork, but good acting and scares. That end though, ugh!
  149. The Mirror - Tarkovsky's visual and mental masterpiece. Indescribable in every way. 
  150. Zombeavers - Absolutely hilarious. One of the best horror/comedies I've seen in a while.
  151. The Killer - I realize it kills my cinephile cred, but this is my favorite movie of all-time.
  152. Andrei Rublev - Tarkovsky's take on Russian religion and leadership. Epic, but boring.
  153. Locke - Hardy in a car is about as exciting as it sounds, but he tries mightily to save it. 
  154. Primer - Not nearly as complex as claimed. Low budget, filled with errors, but almost works.
  155. Fruitvale Station - Story of Oscar Grant's death, carefully told and absolutely gut-wrenching.
  156. Assault on Precinct 13 - Re-watched - So underrated. One of my favorite low budget films.
  157. The Blue Room - French crime drama about affair turned bad. Starts strong, then fades.
  158. Europa Report - Almost astonishing how little happens in this space exploration story. Dud!
  159. The Rover - Beautifully styled, competently acted drama, can't save it from awful plot.
  160. Inherent Vice - PTA let me down again, second time in a row. Brolin and Belladona lone stars.
  161. Ivan's Childhood - Tarkovsky's first is a visual masterpiece with brilliant lead performance.
  162. Grabbers - Horror-Com about creatures who attack Irish Island, but their weakness is alcohol!
  163. Warrior - Hardy and Edgerton are sensational as brothers fighting for very different reasons.
  164. Oldboy (Original) - Re-watched. Still one of the greatest films ever made.
  165. John Wick - One of those movies which may be so bad that it's good. Hint: It's not.
  166. Afflicted - Found footage road trip turned vampire tale. If you don't mind the fatal flaw it's fun.
  167. Borgman - Danish psychological "horror" looks at class systems with a devilish twist.
  168. Tokyo Story- Ozu. Family. Simplicity. Brilliance in every facet of film making imaginable.
  169. Hot Girls Wanted - Disgusting, exploitative doc about amateur porn. Praised by Sundance???
  170. Army of Darkness - Campbell is great in over-the-top third part of silly horror trilogy
  171. Wadjda - First female directed Saudi film is beautiful, with incredible acting by young lead.
  172. Willow Creek - Easily one of the 2 or 3 worst movies I've ever watched.
  173. Man with a Movie Camera - Considered one of the greatest of all-time, but the music???
  174. American Sniper - If FOX was in charge of military recruitment videos, this would be it.
  175. The Past - Flawed, but superbly made drama of three lives, hindered from moving on.
  176. Leviathan - Brutally slow Russian tale,  ruined by its simplistic, monotone nature.
  177. Kill, Baby...Kill - Bava's masterpiece is atmospheric, but the acting takes away so much.
  178. The Sunset Limited - Cormac McCarthy's disheveled play, misses on every mark.
  179. Timbuktu - Weak subplots, subtitle alignment and flow, kills beautiful moments. 
  180. The Guest - Awful script, plot and acting equal an all-time worst nominee.
  181. Late Phases - Pulls no punches. Goes from start to finish with just a fun, well acted story.
  182. Deep Blue Sea - Re-watched - One of my ultimate guilty pleasures.
  183. Mother - Korean award winner didn't do it for me. All been done before and better. 
  184. A Separation - Iranian masterpiece. One of the most perfect films ever made. 
  185. The Rules of the Game - Renoir's acclaimed masterpiece inspired the craft, but not this viewer.
  186. The Machine - Much better than anticipated look at AI v Humans, from multiple angles.
  187. Trouble Every Day - Poor attempt at artsy look at cannibalism. Gallo is painful to watch.
  188. Mr. Turner - For once, the word pretentious fits. Art film about artist made for artists.
  189. A Trip to the Moon - 1902 short, which plays almost like a cartoon. 
  190. Into The Woods - Blunt, Kendrick, Streep and Huttlestone are brilliant. A gem musical.
  191. The Search for General Tso - Witty, great music and sincere homage to Chinese Americans.
  192. True Detective (Season 1) - The finest acted cable series I've ever watched. Top Notch.
  193. Ju-on 2 - Awful sequel to now classic Japanese horror film. Solid start, but then repetitive.
  194. Sunrise - Murnau's 1927 silent was the end of an era, but might be the greatest of them all.
  195. Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell - A collection of 47 horror trailers, some classics. Dud!
  196. Maggie - Arnold in dull Zombie flick with Little Miss Sunshine, fails on every level.
  197. Ex Machina - Simple minded, refurbished AI movie model. save your time, see The Machine.
  198. The Salt of the Earth - Should have been titled, famous for trivializing other's plight.
  199. The Damned - No surprised, but solid little horror flick, with very attractive everything.
  200. It Follows - Overly hyped horror, that fails when the main plot point becomes irrelevant.
  201. Summer with Monika - Early Bergman is beautifully simple, sad, predictable. Not his best.
  202. Penguins of Madagscar - Great kids movie, but lacks deep meaning and enough adult humor.
  203. Lost River - Gosling's writing/directorial debut misses bar it set and plummets to the depths.
  204. Spirit of the Beehive - I'm withholding judgement. Beautiful, but I'm too distracted.
  205. The Passion of Joan of Arc - Brilliant, bold and powerful. Falconetti is mesmerizing. 
  206. Aguirre, Hand of God - Overly long, but lush tale. Kinski is over-the-top, but effective.
  207. Freaks - Browning circus tale is exploitative, but a wonderful tale with unforgettable finale.
  208. Au Hasard Balthazar - Didn't click for me, as the parable of Marie seems misguided.
  209. Evidence - Horrible found footage, "hi-tech" thriller/horror with 1/2 a twist ending.
  210. Night of the Living Dead - Rewatched the original. One of the best ever. Says so much!
  211. Jinn - Interesting idea ruined by pretty much every aspect of bad film making. 
  212. White God - A simple powerful message about life, nature and an answer staring us in the face.
  213. The Wicker Man (1973) - Hilarious and campy, then I found out it wasn't supposed to be. 
  214. The Calling - Wonderful cast can't save it from it's own predictability. It ain't Fargo!
  215. Wet Hot American Summer - Great cast, spot on camp camp exaggeration and Molly Shannon!
  216. Cannibal Holocaust - Went in with extremely low expectations and they weren't met.
  217. Wyrmwood - Wonderful twist for the genre, but wasted by too much humor and lack of plot.
  218. The Lion In Winter - Re-watched this epic. Brilliant writing, acting and still a top 10 film.
  219. Ghostquake - Yes, it's as bad as it sounds, but it's so bad it's almost funny.
  220. 500 (Days of Summer) - Dreadful! Should have been titled Girls Are C***s!
  221. Kingsman: The Secret Service - Silly good fun, great action, ultra-violent and great cast.
  222. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp - Funny, great finish, but movie tops it. 
  223. Blade Runner - Re-watched - Horrible in every sense, but aesthetics. Allure is built on myth.
  224. Bigfoot Reflections - 45 minute doc, which starts off silly, but ends with a real message. 
  225. What We Do In Shadows - Comedy Mockumentary about Vampires - Absolutely fantastic!
  226. Late Spring - A perfect film in every sense, but the punch is softer than Tokyo Story. Ozu!!!
  227. The Gunman - As bad and cliche filled as an action thriller can get. Awful in every way. 
  228. Dark Water (2002) - Great tension, but the payoff is so subtle and predictable, it felt flat. 
  229. Blue Ruin - Incredible, low-budget revenge film. Scant dialogue adds importance to action.
  230. Colin Quinn: Unconstitutional - Hilarious take on founding fathers and our favorite document.
  231. In The Mood For Love - Visually dazzling, but I dare you not to fall in love with the leads.
  232. How I Ended This Summer - Old v New Russia. Simple metaphor; more simple film. A bore.
  233. Creep - Found footage mess, straddles being good, but completely loses it at the end. 
  234. Kwaidan - Beautifully told ghost stories, hurt only by snail's pace and weak last chapter.
  235. Eugene Mirman: Vegan On His Way To The Complain Store - Uneven, but often hilarious.
  236. CitizenFour - Snowden doc is intense and powerful. Important as it is well done. 
  237. Early Summer - Osu's middle film from his Noriko trilogy. At times, whimsical, but solid.
  238. Children of Men - Typical, flawed dystopian tale, held together by constant movement.
  239. L'Avventura - Fellini v Antonioni, the battle for who can say less continues.
  240. A Nightmare on Elm Street - Re-watched - Thank You, Wes Craven. R.I.P. 
  241. Metropolitan - Whit Stillman's lead choice, dooms a wonderful, quirky script.
  242. Child 44 - Terrific acting and attention to detail trump predictable plot. Hardy excels.
  243. Bonnie and Clyde - Arthur Penn's direction is top ten level. A masterpiece.
  244. Clouds of Sils Maria - Truth and fiction blur, but secondary characters tear down solid plot. 
  245. Obvious Child - Hilarious at times look at unwanted pregnancy, relationships and career.
  246. The Innocents - Atmospheric ghost story, hurt by too much bump in the night.
  247. The Monitor - A chilling thriller, with a bit of a ghost story to boot. Rapace is outstanding!
  248. Pulse - Acclaimed Japanese horror film, doesn't stand the test of time at all. Horribly boring.
  249. Barry Lyndon - Finally! Beautiful. Epic. Long. But a feast like no other. I need a moment.
  250. Strangerland - Abysmal is the only word to describe. Joseph Fiennes is simply the worst!
  251. The Sacrament - Ti West has no feel for tension and this Jonestown take lacks any of it.
  252. Babette's Feast - Beautifully layered story, with about as good a final half as you'll find.
  253. Contempt - Godard's big budget mess. The epitome of convoluted. Awful in every way.
  254. Mad Max Fury Road - Easily one of the 25 worst movies and misogynistic films ever made.
  255. The Turin Horse - I'm speechless. I still haven't grasped the enormity of this film.
  256. While We're Young - After Frances Ha, I expect enormous things from Noah, this wasn't it.
  257. Life After Beth - Great Cast simply can't muster enough to make up for absolutely no script.
  258. Dark Was The Night - Acting, tension and likable characters make this a fun one.
  259. Cop Car - Possibly Bacon's worst role ever. The movie fails miserably. Thankfully short.
  260. 2046 - Kar Wai's follow up to In the Mood for Love. Doesn't work as well, but visual feast.
  261. The Only Son - Osu's story is devastating in its simplicity. 
  262. Going Clear - Scientology documentary seems to avoid all the real questions.
  263. Safe - Julianne Moore is great, the movie shows power, but DVD commentary is destructive.
  264. Dark Places - Gillian Flynn's novel comes to life and dies a slow, uneventful death. 
  265. A Propos De Nice - Vigo's silent impressive look at the good and bad of the beach community. 
  266. Tartis - Vigo's ten minute biopic on the swimmer. Genius and ground breaking.
  267. Zero for Conduct - Vigo's 40 minute kids behaving badly film. Good, not great.
  268. L'Atalante - Vigo's only feature is the classic tale of life and love. Perfect then and now.
  269. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas - Youthful innocence meets Holocaust. Very effective.
  270. Brave - Delightful Disney fluff, with an emotional finale.
  271. Insidious Chapter 3 - Awful and it may actually be the best of the trilogy.
  272. Tangerines - Estonian masterpiece. Simple, but amazing. One of 2015's Top 3 films.
  273. The Match Factory Girl - Strange, low key Finnish film with almost no dialogue. Well done. 
  274. Eyes Without A Face - Didn't do it for me, but I see how influential it was. Acting is awful.
  275. Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers - Easily one of the worst stand-up acts ever filmed.
  276. Pusher - Solid acting and frenetic pace make up for ho hum story. Plus, young Mads!
  277. White Dog - Cliche-filled, terribly acted 80's yarn about racism. Cute McNichol can't save it.
  278. Jug Face - Good story, solid lead and nice pace make up for lack of backstory and budget.
  279. Marjoe - Best doc Oscar is dated, but well done about child evangelist who comes clean.
  280. Pusher 2 - Solid Mads, but there is no real story until the final 20 minutes. 
  281. The Vatican Tapes - Awful, despite cute, convincing lead, but surprisingly strong ending.
  282. The Bicycle Thief - After all these years, I finally see it and I'm left baffled by its praise.
  283. Mommy - Xavier Dolan's unflinching look at so much more than just a mom and her son. 
  284. We Are Still Here - Silly horror film, with goofy ghost, ruins solid atmosphere.
  285. The Gift - A complete train wreck from start to finish, which is surprising with the stellar cast.
  286. Point Blank - Exciting, frenetic-paced French thriller that is rich as it is fun. 
  287. Le Havre - Kaurismaki's simple, nearly perfect tale of a lovable loser's altruism. 
  288. Ordet - Awe! The only word to describe my feeling. Emotions will run. Dreyer masterpiece.
  289. The Gallows - Possibly THE worst horror movie ever made. Possibly the worst movie, period.
  290. The House at the End of Time - Dull beginning, but then it turns into a truly magical film.
  291. Dead Man's Shoes - Considine is in this dark revenge tale, but I wanted a stronger message.
  292. A Story of Floating Weeds - Ozu's silent film didn't work for me, but preview of his brilliance.
  293. Day of Wrath - Dreyer's film looks wonderful and Movin is enchanting, but lacks fire.
  294. Fitzarraldo - Herzog's epic might strive to be too big, but it's impossible to ignore.
  295. Forks over Knives - Well done documentary on plant based diet, which sticks to it's claim only.
  296. The Stanford Prison Experiment - Gripping and intense, with not a single bad performance.
  297. Criminal Minds - Season 8 - The show has definitely jumped the shark, but like old characters.
  298. Ariel - Aki Kurismaki film about down and out drifter who dreams of a better life.
  299. Dead Within - What appears to be a metaphor for domestic abuse, turns out to be just silly.
  300. Shadows in Paradise - Kaurismaki's first of the proletariat trilogy is effective in its bareness.
  301. Chop Shop - Little indie, doesn't try to be anything more than it is. Queens locale is perfect.
  302. The Wolfpack - Disturbing exploitation film of kids who need real help and horribly done.
  303. Goodnight Mommy - Enormous letdown. Painfully predictable and cliche. So boring.
  304. Amy - If not for her incredible voice, this would have been a run-of-the-mill exploitation piece.
  305. The Cranes Are Flying - Russian masterpiece, with gorgeous star and cinematography.
  306. Jeanne Dielman - A look into the mundane existence of all of us, through one sad tale.
  307. Some Kind of Hate - Low budget horror, with a great idea, cute people, but fails miserably.
  308. Jurassic World - Cliche lines, product placement galore and every stereotype imaginable.
  309. Partisan - More powerful message than movie, but classic performance by Cassel.
  310. A Hard Day - Korean crime thriller is comical in it's use of cliche. Awful!
  311. Best of Enemies - Wonderful documentary on the 1968 Buckley Jr. - Vidal debates.
  312. Hannibal Season 3 - Absolute destruction of a great show. Awful, aside from some visuals.
  313. Inside Out - Pixar film about emotions, lulls you to sleep and then gut punches you with feels.
  314. There Was A Father - Ozu's somber look at father-son relationship. Feels like propaganda.
  315. Poltergeist (2015) - Very good acting and some key humor, can't salvage it.
  316. Let Us Prey - Absolutely brilliant beginning, but then relies on shoddy gore and imagery.
  317. The Skin I Live In - Good, but lesser Almodovar film. Gets too caught up in it's own trickery. 
  318. Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World - Easily one of the worst documentaries I've ever watched.
  319. Spring - Starts off brilliantly, then settles for predictable, cliche ending.
  320. The Mist - Typical King/Darabont collaboration...draw you in, then ending ruins entire film.
  321. Tangerine - Incredibly moving, hilariously funny day in the life of transgender prostitutes.
  322. New World - Highly overrated Korean mob film. Every cliche in the book and overly long.
  323. The Admiral: Roaring Currents - Epic! The last hours is as good as any war movie. 
  324. A Walk In The Woods - The book is so amazing, the movie never stood a chance. 
  325. Bone Tomahawk - Not only bad, but poorly made. Every technical aspect was horrid.