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April 2016 Movies

Bridge Of Spies - Hanks' best role since Big, but movie loses steam trying to appeal to masses.Vegucated - Funny, thoughtful look at the importance of convincing people to go vegan.The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie - Style over substance is influential, but club scenes drag.The Exterminating Angel - Bunuel's look at upper class fragility and the results. Fascinating!The End Of Summer - Ozu's penultimate film, is funny, charming and ends beautifully.The Hallow - Truly horrible, but distracted by beautiful co-star.Chi-Raq - Spike Lee combines Do The Right Thing with School Daze and Greek tragedy.Steve Jobs - Fassbender, co-stars, direction and cinematography are A-plus. Best of 2015.Almost Mercy - Need some humor and misses the mark consistently, but solid lead.The Conspiracy - Great idea, solid start and then becomes a cheap ambiguous mess.A Woman Under The Influence - Cassavetes' masterpiece. Rowlands and Falk are superb.The Forest - Great premise and decent acting can&#…