Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What Is It?

It's rumored to be at first sight, but I've never believed in that. Some say it's who you think of before you sleep or is it when you wake? Sometimes it's unconditional and other times it is built over time. We say it too soon and too often and it has lost its meaning for many. So what is this feeling I'm having, when none of the signs are there? It's not physical, it's not instantaneous, it's not built over years or developed, because of anything other than care. It's a feeling that I can't explain, because there is no explanation and no reason. I just know that I want to say two words, not three, every single night and there's an emptiness that's filled and at the same time enlarged, each and every day. So I wonder, what is it?

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

October Movies

October was a slow month, being there were three shorts and a stand-up show inserted. That being said, it was lead by Ozu's simple tale, Julianne Moore's standout performance, Vigo's gem and an Estonian film that might find it into my year end top ten.
  1. While We're Young - After Frances Ha, I expect enormous things from Noah, this wasn't it.
  2. Life After Beth - Great Cast simply can't muster enough to make up for absolutely no script.
  3. Dark Was The Night - Acting, tension and likable characters make this a fun one.
  4. Cop Car - Possibly Bacon's worst role ever. The movie fails miserably. Thankfully short.
  5. 2046 - Kar Wai's follow up to In the Mood for Love. Doesn't work as well, but visual feast.
  6. The Only Son - Osu's story is devastating in its simplicity. 
  7. Going Clear - Scientology documentary seems to avoid all the real questions.
  8. Safe - Julianne Moore is great, the movie shows power, but DVD commentary is destructive.
  9. Dark Places - Gillian Flynn's novel comes to life and dies a slow, uneventful death. 
  10. A Propos De Nice - Vigo's silent impressive look at the good and bad of the beach community. 
  11. Tartis - Vigo's ten minute biopic on the swimmer. Genius and ground breaking.
  12. Zero for Conduct - Vigo's 40 minute kids behaving badly film. Good, not great.
  13. L'Atalante - Vigo's only feature is the classic tale of life and love. Perfect then and now.
  14. The Boy In The Striped Pajamas - Youthful innocence meets Holocaust. Very effective.
  15. Brave - Delightful Disney fluff, with an emotional finale.
  16. Insidious Chapter 3 - Awful and it may actually be the best of the trilogy.
  17. Tangerines - Estonian masterpiece. Simple, but amazing. One of 2015's Top 3 films.
  18. The Match Factory Girl - Strange, low key Finnish film with almost no dialogue. Well done. 
  19. Eyes Without A Face - Didn't do it for me, but I see how influential it was. Acting is awful.
  20. Anthony Jeselnik: Thoughts and Prayers - Easily one of the worst stand-up acts ever filmed.
  21. Pusher - Solid acting and frenetic pace make up for ho hum story. Plus, young Mads!
  22. White Dog - Cliche-filled, terribly acted 80's yarn about racism. Cute McNichol can't save it.
  23. Jug Face - Good story, solid lead and nice pace make up for lack of backstory and budget.
  24. Marjoe - Best doc Oscar is dated, but well done about child evangelist who comes clean.
  25. Pusher 2 - Solid Mads, but there is no real story until the final 20 minutes. 
  26. The Vatican Tapes - Awful, despite cute, convincing lead, but surprisingly strong ending.