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June 2016 Movies

Felt - Billed as horror, this sad drama about dealing with rape is odd, but effective.Beau Travail - This simple story feels like a complex dream in Claire Denis' hands. Brilliant!Krampus - Silly, funny at times, but definitely a failure as a horror film. The Danish Girl - Vikander stands out in a miss-the-mark fictional twist on interesting story.Extraordinary Tales - Animated Poe Anthology is so good on paper, but never translates.Deadpool - Overhyped, silly, with some very funny moments, but the film is rather boring.Emelie - It's not perfect, but it's what horror should be. Tense, uncomfortable and exciting.Anomalisa - Charlie Kaufman strikes again. The film resonates, but lacks something in the end.Joy - Arguably the worst script ever written. The movie manages to fail in every way possible. The Battle Of Algiers - Content could be debated, but the look and sound is impeccable.10 Cloverfield Lane - Obvious, silly and boring, but surprisingly well acted. A waste of tim…