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Angels On Earth

I'm usually pretty much the poster child for cynicism, sarcasm and sometimes pretty much just being an asshole.  I rarely believe what I hear without doing some research and I question everything.  I think for the most part, we as human beings, are brought into this world bad and we prove it throughout our lives.  We are genetically programmed to be greedy, selfish and disconnected from anything that isn't the same as us.  When people get sick, other's true colors come out.  Some people go through the motions and do what is expected.  Incessant calls (like the quantity is what is important), ridiculously large flower bouquets and boxes of chocolates.  These are guilt gifts and we all have succumbed to the mindless effort it takes to show compassion.   True compassion on the other hand is a beautiful trait and rarely needs attention.

Yesterday, I saw something that made me happy.  Two friends from high school are on Facebook and they posted that their daughter was setting u…

Random Thoughts: About God and Religion

Well if that title doesn't make you take a look, I better stop trying.  And no, I'm not going to preach (this will probably end up being a lie, but not my initial intention).  I just have a few questions.

Why is a tree falling on your car in the middle of a hurricane an Act of God, but a tornado killing 200 people a horrible storm?

If God hates gays, why did he make so many of them and why are there so few women in the Bible?

If God made man in his image, why the fuck did he start with the dinosaurs and make them look like that?

The Pope tweeted today and apparently he gave a shout out to the Vatican Website.  I'm going to go out on a limb here, but we're never going to have a web cam in that joint.

Have you ever spent a long time in the desert?  I'm guessing, the heat, combined with a lack of food and water, would pretty much leave you delusional and imagining things.  Just think about it.  Every religion is based on some poor sap stuck in the desert hearing voice…

Defending The Pledge: Allegiance to Irony

A friend recently posted a ling to a FOXNews story about a town in Oregon (I believe) that voted against pledging allegiance to the flag before the town meeting.  I wrote back in response "is this news and is this necessary?"  He said it's disrespecting the pledge and out country. He pointed out that everyone is so worried about being politically correct and offending others, but try this freedom in other countries.  See what happens.  I agree, it's awful what happens in other countries and our freedom of speech is wonderful.  He then pointed out that the US soccer team just played a championship match against Mexico on American soil and the stands were filled with about 90% Mexicans booing our country.  He stated that he felt it was disrespectful and that if they hate us they should go back to their countries.  My only comeback for that was that these fans bought the tickets and like when I last went to Yankee Stadium and it was 75% Red Sox fans, they have the right…

What A Sick ****ing World We Live In

Has anyone really thought about the last few years and what has become of this country?  We have been in a war for ten years and nobody even seems to notice.  A handful of people I know have seen Restrepo which depicts exactly what the hell is going on in foreign lands, but everyone has seen the Hangover.  We forgive Kobe Bryant for sodomizing a girl (read the transcript and he admits it), but we want to lynch anyone who doesn't believe the same religion we do.  We make heroes out of womanizers, drug addicts and pedophiles, but chastise people for wanting to omit God from the Pledge of Allegiance. We elect adulterers, but shun homosexuals who want to live in a committed relationship.  We live in a constant state of hypocrisy.  Has it always been this way?  Or have we become this?

A few weeks ago, Osama Bin Laden was killed and America cheered.  People actually praised God that he was found and shot.  So does that mean that Americans, in general, believe in their own form of Jihad?…

My life: The First 40 Years

In a little more than a week, I will be turning 41.  It's not a big deal and age to me is only a number.  It's a cliche, but it's true.  Most people my age are set in a career, married with children and for the most part as happy as a pig in shit.  Which when you think about it isn't a very nice place to be.  To be honest, most people, when on the level, or drunk, tell me they are pretty damn miserable.  They call it content, but hint at a different adjective to describe their satisfying lives.  I started thinking about how things change over the years and how every ten years has affected my evolving.  Sometimes I think I'm not evolving, but I don't have a thesaurus handy and I'm not sure what a synonym for evolving is. I thought I'd take a look at certain aspects in my life and how they've changed from the ages of 10 to 20 to 30 and now to 40.

What I go by has changed over the years, although my last name seems to resonate with most.  When I was 10…

24 Hours Of Facebook Updates: My Friends Inspire Me

The other day a non-Facebook used asked me what I like about the social network so much.  I thought briefly and told them it was a very simple answer.  It keeps me up to date with friends who I either can't see or speak to, don't see or speak to enough or friends I don't really want to see or speak to, but do like to know they are doing well.  I started thinking about it the next day after this conversation and realized it's not the reason.  I like to be inspired.  Sometimes an update inspires me to contact someone.  Maybe it inspires me to write a blog or have a conversation with someone about a topic.  Maybe it reminds me about something I needed to do in my life.  Sometimes it just reminds me of special times in my life.  Sometimes it just gives me a much needed laugh.  So for this blog, I'm going to cut a paste some updates and tell of how they affected me.  Obviously, I will not post people's names, but you can look to see if you are here.

Let me also star…

First Thoughts: Waking To Insanity

Despite being an insomniac most of the time, I am a morning person.  I like to jump out of bed immediately and start my day.  What troubles me, is that my first thought of the day is usually one that not only makes me question my sanity, but at times, my love for my fellow man.  No jokes aside, the morning after the big vote on marriage equality, I awoke to a vision of a NY Post headline saying "Cuomo's Homos!"  That is pretty tame by my standards.  Usually, it isn't connected to a current even or even anything that might have been suggested the day or week before.  I am completely serious and I'm not making these up.  These are a list of the some of the first things that popped in my head as I lay in bed, eyes barely open to embrace a brand new day.  Some are sick, some are funny, some are just plain, wtf?

Michael J. Fox may be the first known serial killer to have the perfect alibi, because all his murders were a result of shaken baby syndrome.

Has anyone ever …

Alone On A Saturday Night: The eHarmony Questionnaire

OK, I'm not on the website, but googled the questionnaire and thought it would be cool So read it and if we're compatible you know where I am. Of course there will be comments added. Now it doesn't say in some sections if you're supposed to pick one or now, so I'm at a complete loss. Or is it word association. I don't have a clue.

The eHarmony Questionnaire

(aka Compatibility Matching Profile Personality Test)

Section 1: Self-descriptions

I'm assuming you're supposed to pick the items that relate to you. All of them.

1. Warm - I sweat when it's about 75 degrees, so I'm pretty warm.

2. Clever - probably less than I think I am

3. Dominant

4. Ambitious

5. Outgoing - for someone who spends as much time indoors as I do, I'm very outgoing.

6. Agreeable

7. Modest

8. Submissive

9. Lazy - define lazy, I don't have the energy

10. Introverted

11. Aloof

12. Quarrelsome

13. Cold

14. Gregarious

15. Arrogant – only when I think I’m smarter than someone…

Creatures Of Habit: We're All Guilty

Have you ever gone on vacation with someone for a prolonged period of time?   Spent a week in someones home?  Shared a room with someone in college or maybe a bunk at a camp?  If so, you've definitely been exposed to other people's quirks.  We all have them, but some are more noticeable and more intrusive than others.  Some seem silly, some seem minor and some just don't seem to make any sense at all. 

I've always been ultra aware of other's habits and being a bit of a opinionated prick, point out the good and, the bad and the ugly as I see it.  The past eleven days I've spent up at my father's house in Ithaca.  The first seven were just me and my grandmother.  Every morning started exactly the same.  I'd come down stairs around 8:45.  I'd feed the cat, then start making her breakfast.  I'd cut up a half a banana, top with two huge tablespoons of plain yogurt and then top with two sliced strawberries.  Then I'd start my breakfast, which was…