Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 2016 Movies

  1. Nurse (3-D) - Aside from scantily clad beauties, this is a sad attempt at sexploitation.
  2. Flu - Korean thriller about avian flu. Forty minutes of editing could have made this a gem. 
  3. Last Year At Marienbad - Artsy puzzler with no payoff. Thankfully, it's much richer than that.
  4. Rome, Open City - Rossellini's war film has highs and lows, but the end to both parts. Wow!
  5. Wake In Fright - Cult classic that doesn't live up to the rep. Pleasance is brilliant, but that's it. 
  6. Hard To Be A God - Epic, but is it great. Hardest movie you'll ever judge. Gruesome and bold. 
  7. Days of Heaven - Malick's stunning look at life and love on the run. Style trumps substance.
  8. The Visit - Shamalyan's dud, never works on any level other than humorous rapping, 
  9. Persepolis - Animated coming of age story works well, despite some serious lags.
  10. Tokyo Chorus - 1931 silent Ozu, works common tale into something special. Poignant 10x.
  11. Ip Man - Wonderful action and solid acting, lift this above most of it's kind. 
  12. The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya - Frustrating dialogue and overly long. Don't see the allure.
  13. The Coed And The Zombie Stoner - Yes, the film lives up to it's name. Watched in FF.
  14. The Walk - Possibly the worst acting I've ever seen in a major film. Gordon-Levitt is awful.
  15. Come Drink With Me - Classic Shaw Brothers, starts strong, but fades. Solid leads.
  16. Gummo - Harmony Korine's odd tale of small town America. Odd isn't the word, but it works.
  17. Tsotsi - South African gang member inadvertently steals baby. Moving and powerful. 
  18. The Krays (re-watched) - Still holds up, but much more style than substance. Whitelaw is A+.
  19. Lawless - Superb cast plays it low key. Incredible first hour gives way to lackluster second.
  20. Hiroshima Mon Amour - Complex beyond description, yet so simple in its beauty. Masterpiece
  21. 99 Homes - Despite a great director, cast and plot, the film fails on every level. Awful.
  22. Straight Outta Compton - N.W.A. biopic is much better than expected, with stellar Cube. 
  23. Hellicon - Nice looking B-horror, makes you want to like it, but last 30 minutes it falls apart.
  24. A Touch Of Sin - I don't understand the accolades. Aside from one vignette, very boring.
  25. About Elly - My third Farhadi film. Absolutely wonderful, as simple story unfolds into chaos.
  26. Tokyo Gore Police - Dreadful, but I can see the allure. Surprisingly tame, despite title.
  27. The Martian - Pleasant surprise. Hollywood, but without the silly subplots. Simple and funny.
  28. Entertainment - Epically bad. Comedy's version of Frank fails every which way.
  29. Beasts of No Nation - Despite some potholes, incredible leads, with Abraham Attah shining.
  30. Backcountry - Cocky urban campers meet black bear. Hooray bear!
  31. Somers Town - Shane Meadows look at two kids liking same girl. Cute, but no depth.
  32. Black Coal, Thin Ice - Korean crime thriller starts off strong and completely loses its way. 
  33. The Nightmare - Documentary? A complete nightmare and not in a good way.
  34. Cries and Whispers - Bergman's colors are mesmerizing, but this one is so dark. So complex.
Top Three: Hiroshima Mon Amour, Tsotsi, Rome, Open City. 
Bottom Three: The Coed and the Zombie Stoner, Entertainment, Nurse 3-D.
Biggest Surprise: The Martian
Biggest Letdown: 99 Homes