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February 2016 Movies

Nurse (3-D) - Aside from scantily clad beauties, this is a sad attempt at sexploitation.Flu - Korean thriller about avian flu. Forty minutes of editing could have made this a gem. Last Year At Marienbad - Artsy puzzler with no payoff. Thankfully, it's much richer than that.Rome, Open City - Rossellini's war film has highs and lows, but the end to both parts. Wow!Wake In Fright - Cult classic that doesn't live up to the rep. Pleasance is brilliant, but that's it. Hard To Be A God - Epic, but is it great. Hardest movie you'll ever judge. Gruesome and bold. Days of Heaven - Malick's stunning look at life and love on the run. Style trumps substance.The Visit - Shamalyan's dud, never works on any level other than humorous rapping, Persepolis - Animated coming of age story works well, despite some serious lags.Tokyo Chorus - 1931 silent Ozu, works common tale into something special. Poignant 10x.Ip Man - Wonderful action and solid acting, lift this above most of …