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The Ten Greatest Movie Scenes

Great movies are made up of many wonderful scenes. Some are truly memorable and leave an indelible mark on us. Some movies are just a collection of great scenes and none or necessarily more memorable than the others, but together they form a masterpiece. Many times it’s neither the scenes nor the scenery that capture our attention, but powerhouse acting performances. There are those occasions where a movie has grabbed us, made us love it, but in reality, it’s that one scene that brought it all together. Without that one scene, the movie would be a mere shell of what it is today. This list comprises the best of the best, in terms of one scene, that embodies the entire movie. There will be no horse’s head in the bed from the Godfather. There won’t be Ryan Gosling embracing the beautiful Rachel McAdams and there sure as hell won’t be any Baby in the corner. These are, in my opinion classic scenes that made each movie what it is.

Disclaimer: If you haven’t seen the movie, you might not wa…

True Faith and Serial Killers: A Very Fine Line

I recently had a conversation with a cousin with whom I have not spoken in six years.  She's a wonderful person, but we live different lives, march to a very different beat and finally, I'm not very close with cousins.  Haven't been in many years. Not for any reason other than, I have my own family to deal with, I don't need their drama.  That being said, this one is a wonderful person, who has shown my family nothing but love when she is around, despite going through a tumultuous life that nobody I know would trade places for ever.  Throughout it all, she claims, her faith has gotten her through it.  For her, it's the only positive thing she has left.

Today she called to say hello and proceeded to tell me a story.  One of which she did some mission work with some less fortunate children.  The message was sweet.  She told of her reaching out to a young girl who lost her mother and in some ways felt guilty she couldn't "save" her.  She spoke of this gi…

Best Dance Song of All-Time

When most people my age think of dance music they think of 70's classics like Gloria Gaynor's I am woman hear me roar anthem I Will Survive or Thelma Houston's epic Don't Leave Me This Way. Some might think later like anything by Shannon or even Blondie. Later it became groups like C&C music factory and even Hip Hop got into the mix with MC Hammer or even Hypnotize by Biggie. The current century brings us house faves like Sandstorm or Raver's Fantasy. But what's the best song to dance to? My favorite isn't a typical dance song. It's one that could be danced to quickly or slowly. Grinding to the beat or sensually sway with the hypnotic voice of the lead singer.

My favorite is Missing by Everything But The Girl. Not a famous band by any means. I just remember being in a club and this song came on and there was something about it that just made you want to move. Especially if there was someone you had your eye on. I remember for a while this was the s…

Things I've Been Noticing More & More

Basketball sneakers have gotten really ugly and very expensive.

All those people who were crying for the warm weather to come are the same ones bitching it's too hot.

Heavy guys should never have long hair and heavy girls should never have short hair.

More and more people are getting tattoos....really stupid looking tattoos.

Remember Farmville?

It's 90 degrees out, why do teenagers have fake tans?

Finds nothing funnier than people who are snooty about $10 bottles of wine, but pay $7 for a glass.

Why do all television commercials feature guys with women they could never really get in real life.

In an appendage to my last comment - have women become more superficial or is it just that I'm an asshole?

The World Cup showed me two things about soccer.  It can be very boring and other countries are much better looking than us.

It seems that half the commercials on TV have something to do with itch relief.  Is it really that rampant?

When you go to a deli and order turkey and che…

What Is Something Everyone Needs?

I was talking to someone last night about ideas for businesses.  He's got something in the works and I've always thought I would come up with some brilliant money making scheme that would allow me to travel the world, see distant cities and sights or just let me sit at the bar more than I already do.  Maybe this time, while having my feet massage with the blood of clubbed baby seals.

It seems to me that my ideas are always a day late and a few thousand dollars short.  I remember back to a business class where I wrote a mission statement and a business plan for starting a business that would deliver groceries to people in my neighborhood's homes.  My professor told me I was silly and that people liked to shop and pick out their own items.  A few months later, the class was over and I saw a magazine cover article about a 15 year old kid who made almost a million dollars in one year delivering groceries in his neighborhood.  Now we have Peapod and other services.  I remember …

Turning 40

So last Tuesday was the big day.  I turned 40.  Much like other birthdays, I didn't anticipate much of a celebration and wasn't looking forward to it any more than any other night out.  I just don't get "up" for these kinds of things.  People might be surprised to know, that despite my outgoing personality, I'm really not a party person.  I've always been more into sitting back, sipping some cocktails under a starry night than hitting a dance floor or some noisy festivities.  That being said, what started off as a few people coming out to say hello and have a drink turned into quite a nice gathering. 

Turning any age is a milestone in a sense.  Of course, we do seem to raise the bar on the importance of ones that recognize the passing of a decade.  I guess it makes sense.  I don't fit the bill of the typical 40 year old.  I'm not married, nor have I been divorced.  I don't own any property, nor do I really want to.  I live alone, in a small a…

Tons of Random Thoughts on Current Events

As I approach my 40th Birthday I think about my love for Rihanna and Lady Gaga, my desire to see Twilight: Eclipse and my goal to do nothing but sit back, eat, drink and watch sports, with the occasional intimate encounter thrown in.  Oh yes, I did say 40 and not 14.  I've been thinking about this a lot lately and all this other shit in my head that you're about to read.

Shutter Island was as predictable as a Keanu Reeves facial expression.
I think my letter to each month has ran it's course.  I just don't feel like bing fucking nostalgic these days.
Why is it that so many healthy old people are so fucking miserable, but younger people with horrible diseases feel blessed, appreciate their lives and bring joy to others?
Pretty people who aren't conceited make me smile.
Vodka diets are interesting, so I hear.
Why do telemarketers keep talking after you say you aren't interested?
I've said it before, but when did standing sideways and giving the duck face beco…