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A Week Of Posts

I spent this past week posting one thoughtful status per day on Facebook. Each one was something about bettering oneself through the acts of altruism but also the idea we need to understand that this need for self-serving gratitude, acknowledgment, and "stuff" isn't important at all. Over the course of seven days, I tried to hit on things I have changed or actively trying to change about myself. There is no endgame for me in this, just a concerted effort to do more for others without ever feeling that I am owed something in return. This, of course, is not to be confused with work or required acts, but there are times when the two shall cross and it's important to realize that responsibility and accountability are important at all times.

I don't know if I was only writing it for me; the fact I chose social media and not this platform leads me to believe I wasn't but It helped me. It made me look at certain times I've been judgmental differently. I do think…
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What Do You Miss? - A Vegan's Story

Next month, I will be a vegetarian for three years and vegan for two and a half. It's not a big deal anymore for me but I have started to push the health and ethical benefits more in recent weeks. During a conversation with a fellow vegan and a room full of carnivores, the normal question was posed: "You must miss cheese, right?" When my answer wasn't what they expected, I was then asked to list the things I do miss. I told them I'd give it some thought. 
After some reflection, I came to the conclusion that the things I miss the most were the things I didn't eat very often, to begin with. The delicacies, the holiday fare, and of course, everything I've been without since my mother passed away fourteen years ago. The irony of this mental list was that those items are really what pushed me into veganism, as most delicacies tend to be the root of all evil committed against animals. I knew nobody wanted to hear me wax poetic of my high morality, so I tried to…

(Not) Knowing Your Place

For most of my adult life, I've had a part-time job, working with kids, in which I was the director, supervisor, but never the boss, in the true sense. I now find myself in a position where I am a subordinate, in every sense of the word. It sucks! It sucks when you know something is being ignored, put off, or in some cases, done wrong. I'm 21 credits away from being able to be heard. Well, that may have been the case 20-odd years ago. Not now. My current boss is amazing, caring, and thoughtful but she's still my boss and while I've been there long enough to have some seniority, it's not enough to make me comfortable about pointing out the failures of others. Especially those with more time, not to be confused with more experience, and in some cases, more seniority. I think the lack of a structured division of "power," is a fatal flaw. I also think the lack of communication, not in terms of daily events, but in vision, is hurting the program. That being sa…

Hesitant Happiness

This will be short, I promise

"A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." - Greek Proverb

Let me start by saying, I am overjoyed. A handsome new nephew, a beautiful growing niece, and two jobs that allow me to experience the innocent naivety and wonderment of discovery, each and every day. It's a special time in my heart and a tense time in my head.

As I've matured, I realize that my life will not be remembered for any momentous occasion. I will never be rich, famous, or revered by the masses. I may not even be remembered by name, but those whose lives I had the greatest impact. I will simply be remembered for the caring, nurturing, and teaching of all the things not taught in school. My happiness comes from that and the happiness, friendships, and education I gain from these children. My fear, however, this comes from knowing I have not done enough to protect them and that I will not always be there. My insecurity c…

The Couple

Yesterday, while watching football, a couple sat down next to me. They knew a woman at the bar, normally a bartender, who was out for the Giants game. He ordered the chili and she had the soup of the day. Each had one drink.

They weren't there more than twenty-five minutes total. He appeared to have had a few earlier, while she commented on not feeling well. He immediately engaged in conversation with the young women at and behind the bar; then she did. There was non-stop chatter from both parties, and my only inclusion in this, was when the bartender asked if I minded if she changed the channel on one of the televisions. I did not.

So where's this story going? Well, it didn't really stick out until they left and I had a conversation with another customer. When he left, I checked the time on my phone and ordered another beer. As I put the phone down, it hit me. Each time the man spoke, his wife did not take part and simply stared at her phone, checking her Facebook. Each t…

Be Kind

These two words flood your social media, your tv screen, and your print ads. They are tied into quotes, memes, anecdotes, statuses, and nearly every foundation there is. Be Kind. Rarely do those who share these words demonstrate kindness when

Others aren't as kind to them
Others aren't kind to them first
If it doesn't benefit them
If they aren't thanking someone for something extra
If it's inconvenient
If it's uncomfortable
They aren't feeling well
They are angry
They are sad
They feel unappreciated
They aren't getting paid
Nobody will know if they're not
To strangers
To animals
To those who need it most
To those who don't expect it
Without telling others of their kindness
Without telling others of their kindness's randomness

If you're as old as I am, just think about most of the Blockbuster videos you rented and you know just how kindpeople are.

Kindness is the most basic form of benevolence one should demonstrate. It's not a badge …

A Quick Note On Minimalism

What started out as necessity has turned into a way of life.

Have you ever not bought anything you didn't need?
Driven by the coffee shop, because you had coffee at home and didn't really need the second cup
Filled your tank and not grabbed the chips or the scratch-off
Put back the second package of whatever that said 2 for $5, knowing you didn't need that much?
Not cashing or depositing your check until you needed it?
Resisting the urge to fill your life with stuff?
Taking a year off, or maybe a lifetime, from fast food, delivery, take-out, and delis?
Resisting the new release, knowing there are classics available online or the library.
Never once buying a DVD, CD, or gadget to play or listen to both
Have you ever learned to enjoy the limitless options of your surroundings?
Have you ever been at peace enough to enjoy solitude?

Have you ever chosen just one vice and limited yourself to it?

I'll let you know how much better it is if I ever give up that one, but can tell…