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My New Go-To Stress Reliever

We all deal with stress daily. Some of it is even good stress, such as exercise, housework, or working on some type of project where the results allow for the body to relax much more so than just lounging around. Stress is a dirty word and for most of us, stress negatively affects us. It messes with our sleeping and eating habits, and if left to the point it festers, it can have repercussions for both our mental and physical health. I've long believed that stress, or more so how we handle it, is the number one cause of colds and sickness. The mental health part is obvious, but when we are completely stressed out immune systems always seem compromised. It's one reason why we all need something. For me, it has become cooking.

Let's be clear. I am no master chef and my lack of patience does not allow me to enjoy cooking when the process is not active. I like to stand over, mix, stir, taste, season, and every other thing one can do. I like the preparation and the idea that I a…
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The Perfect Time

Fifteen Minutes since the sun had risen The sounds of birds The screen door sliding open, then shut The sounds of the morning Joe That first sip He stalks through the high grass and low brush,
King of his personal jungle I await his return with a much easier meal to catch All the others are asleep The sun blocked by the house I'll be gone from soon These moments; this deck. The quiet The solitude
I'll miss this.
Only this. That one time of day where there is hope That today will be better than yesterday Then the world wakes Tomorrow I'll hope for the same Still waiting.

The Same Conversation

I'm guilty of this.
You're guilty of this.
We're all guilty of this.
We do it every day. Whether it be with strangers, acquaintances, friends, family, or whomever you can think of; we all do it. Smalltalk or not, we tend to have similar conversations with the same people every day. We ask the same questions, get the same answers, and most often give the same replies. Watch people you speak with every day. Watch their mouths. They're mouthing the words you're about to say. You already have your response ready. The safe, generic, attentive, yet passive, supportive, yet dismissive statement in reply to the never-ending repetitive thread. We've all become social media.

But, and this is a big BUT, we engage with people who have nothing else? What if this mundane line of thinking isn't out of boredom, civility, and the normal social awkwardness of speaking, not texting or messaging? What if this is who they are? What if this is all they have and, even worse, all …

It Feels Like Forever

I've always wanted to write a book. Moreso a screenplay, but I believe I'd need some program to make it easier. Shorthand has occurred to me, but it's 2019 and I'm no freak. I am but not in that way. I've actually had a mental block as of late, but not with writing. I've actually been writing blogs like crazy, then deleting them. This blog; my blog, was always more about mental self-preservation than it was about being noticed. In the past few weeks, I've written more about efficiency vs inefficiency, the beauty of pregnant women, some thoughts on prayer, a supervisor's immaturity and need to be liked, my own personal state, the empty bucket list, and even the definition of love. I've deleted them all, either because they are too personal or they might be viewed as an attack on someone's character. I'm used to people attacking my character, so you'd think I'd be OK reciprocating, but I keep reaching to be better. Plot Twist: It's…

Nature's Calm

Have you ever worked or lived with a child who is viewed as special, different, hyper, distracted, impulsive, disruptive, socially challenged or exhibits social anxiety? Have you ever tried to maintain their attention or interest in a classroom, gym, or organized setting? Have you tried to instill discipline or explain rules, procedures, and guidelines to them? If you have, you know this is the most challenging thing in your life.

Have you ever sat back and allowed them the freedom to do what they want in nature? In a wooded area, with a creek, some hills, fallen trees, broken branches, leaves both alive and dead everywhere. Bugs, insects, small animals, and some not so small. Sheltered from the rain, the sun, and the wind. Maybe it's the air, a stunted wind, that doesn't blow so much as massage. The coolness on a hot day and the slight warmth on frigid ones. Don't speak of rules or directions, just watch. A tree to climb or jump over, depending on its state. Leaves to kic…

Ten Thoughts From The Last Four Days

During an evaluation meeting, my supervisor's six-year-old served us tea with a make-believe tea set and it was the best thing that has happened all week. Her demanding she clean up and do the dishes makes me have hope for the future.
When two people share the same job and one thinks it's the other's responsibility to do many aspects of the job, but not theirs, one has to ask the question; Why does this person feel entitled?
I've spent more than two days pay in tips over the past ten days. No matter how little I have, I will never shortchange those who work to serve me. If I can't afford a 25% or more tip, I won't go out.
In a world where we must be careful how we do things and how we explain them, there's nothing quite like a child's touch, to assure you that you're doing things right. Whether it be holding your hand, resting their head on your shoulder, or them climbing on your shoulders, just assuming this is what needs to be done, it validates t…

The Value of Us

There will always be people who lie, cheat, and steal. They will succeed at times, if not most of the time, because we live in a society that looks at the bottom line. Success, no matter how it achieved, is revered. The struggle is not. I could point to a hundred stories that we deem a success story and in almost all of them, the person who struggled to assist, to motivate, or to simply care for the one who succeeds is either ignored or a footnote. This short blog is about those footnotes.

So many people have come before us and all have a story. Whether it be success or failure, our lives rarely fit nicely into the American Dream cliche of "hard work equals success." The hardest I've ever worked has returned almost no profit, financially or emotionally, while the easiest jobs I've had, have earned me respect. I think what we deem easy is given a negative connotation as something we slack off at, but that's simply not the case. Most of us who enjoy our jobs work j…