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Slight Gripe (OK, Nothing I Gripe About Is Ever Slight)

Why is it that people with nothing to say in real life, always post these deep, since, or meaningful memes? They are simply purporting a message they feel is necessary, while most of us, especially those who know them best, laugh at their obvious desperation for personal attention.

I realize how one rejoices, grieves, or simply deals with daily life, is theirs and theirs alone, but we do, as humans, somewhat conform to social standards. We don't wish someone a happy birthday every day or even on random days, so why do we grieve this way? We don't congratulate children on their moving up day from kindergarten when they're in the fourth grade, so why do we continue to post things that bring despair? Part of what makes humans so incredible is our ability to adapt to all the good and bad life has to offer, but sadly, Intenet attention seems to have cut into this ability, which was once nature.

Now, I know what people are saying. "You claim to understand people are differe…

Has Anyone Seen Spring Breakers?

I've given up writing reviews for the most part, but this film has been baffled. It's either the biggest piece of crap or absolute genius, and to be completely honest, I'm not sure which.

I knew going in, that this was a Harmony Korine film, so I expected to be somewhat shocked, disturbed and even disgusted, but most of all, I knew I'd be mesmerized. I was. Korine's Gummo and Kids were the car wreck you can't look away from but also very human. Flawed people doing terribly flawed, if not horrible things, to themselves and to others. So I was prepared, and yet, I'm still confused about my own reaction.

James Franco's performance is the key because he gave us either the most ridiculously over-the-top character or the perfect caricature of the poor, white American Dream. At times, I'm not sure they aren't the same. His appeal is astonishing because, as you watch, you see it as make believe but it's no less bizarre than the evening news. His ang…

Teaching Moments / Learning Moments

Without trying to sound pretentious, there's not a day that goes by that I don't make a concerted effort to learn something new. Sometimes it's found easily on the Internet, sometimes it takes some research. Often, it's in the simple conversations and behaviors of others. While I do have good comprehension skills when it comes to reading, I don't consider myself book smart. I once took a class a special education course in college and didn't bring a book, a notebook, or a pen for the entire semester. I wanted to see how much I could ingest simply by listening. Some might be shocked to know, I was the only person exempt from the final (there's more to this story, but some of you may hate me if I tell it). For me, observation is my go-to method of learning. For others, I understand it's a difficult process. 
We all learn differently and we all teach differently. Working with children all these years has taught me that no two children learn exactly the sam…

Speaking Up

Anyone who met me before 2014 knows how opinionated I am. Those who only know me through social media probably think that's the first line to a joke. I am opinionated about many things, but I've lost the ability, or maybe it's the desire, to speak my mind. Recently, when confronted with a question, I balked. I said the correct thing, despite disagreeing completely. The specific question isn't important, but it's a pattern I'm seeing in myself lately, and for the most part, I despise it, In the past, I would never have allowed myself to be put into a situation I was uncomfortable with, unless I felt I could handle it without added stress. There was a time when I stressed over nothing. In my mind, able to control all. I was mistaken, but that isn't why I have changed.


I know fear now. I've never known fear. I've had knives, guns, and other weapons pulled on me. I've been in fights where I was getting pummeled. I've faced personal loss an…

Free Writing - It's Been A While

Been a while since I've used this method, so bear with me.
Setting my timer at seven minutes, so won't be too bad.

Summer has been relatively kid-free. Most I know would relish that thought, despite their love. I'm miserable. I've had some fun times, laughs with a friend, met some new people, but I crave the one-on-one learning experience of "my" kids. I mean my learning, not theirs. I miss their laughs, their innocent questions about everything and anything. I miss feeling appreciated. Kids, despite their aloof nature and naivety, are as appreciative as anyone. Unlike animals, who appear to show love when fed, petted, or played with, kids, especially those old enough to understand attention, can tell the difference between being coddled, spoiled, or distracted and being cared for. I miss those eyes when you've opened up a new part of the world to them and they, without a word, show their appreciation with a gaze. I miss the goodbyes at the end of the day…

May and June Movies - 2018

Memoir of a Murderer - Average at best with one too many twists that ruins everything.Shoalin Avengers - Better than average martial arts classic.Ricky Gervais: Humanity - Weak effort by Gervais, who seems to explain every joke.Haxan - Not sure I saw the right version. Commentary and goofy "Jazz" soundtrack. Meh!Revenge of the Green Dragons - Starts off pretty interesting, then completely falls apart.Eg Man Pig aka I Remember You - Tension builds and builds and builds, then nothing.Turbo Kid - Ode to a ton of stuff with cute robots, gore, Michael Ironside and a garden gnome.The Phantom Thread - Perfect first hour, becomes somewhat predictable, but still magnificent.The Post - It's been done before, and better, but it is timely and important.Star Wars; The Last Jedi - Quite possibly the worst of all the Star Wars film made.Gate of Hell - Beautiful, but somewhat dull story. Maybe it's just not what I was expecting.Scandal - One of Kurosawa and Mifune's more human s…