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October 2016- Movies

Bound To Vengeance - Well above average rape revenge film. Two leads are amazing.Sweet Bean - Touching, simple tale about three lives that find meaning from each other.Moebius -Ki-duk Kim delivers the oddest film ever about castration, fetishes and incest. The Shallows - If not for the lovely Blake Lively, this would be a worst movie ever candidate.The Darkness - Despite a nice cast, this fails on every level. As horror, it's a sleeper.Swiss Army Man - Dano is amazing in this hilarious and touching film, but truly awful ending.X Cross - Japanese horror that works initially, but then gets silly. Not awful, but not good.Cat People - Classic thriller/horror, uses light and sound to create wonderful tension.Devil - People stuck in elevator. Decent acting gets buried beneath silly non-twist.The Witness - Doc about Kitty Genovese detailing her brother's search for answers. Odd!The Wailing - Popular Korean thriller/horror did nothing for me. Two and a half hours of zzz!The Nice Guys …