Tuesday, November 1, 2016

October 2016- Movies

  1. Bound To Vengeance - Well above average rape revenge film. Two leads are amazing.
  2. Sweet Bean - Touching, simple tale about three lives that find meaning from each other.
  3. Moebius -Ki-duk Kim delivers the oddest film ever about castration, fetishes and incest. 
  4. The Shallows - If not for the lovely Blake Lively, this would be a worst movie ever candidate.
  5. The Darkness - Despite a nice cast, this fails on every level. As horror, it's a sleeper.
  6. Swiss Army Man - Dano is amazing in this hilarious and touching film, but truly awful ending.
  7. X Cross - Japanese horror that works initially, but then gets silly. Not awful, but not good.
  8. Cat People - Classic thriller/horror, uses light and sound to create wonderful tension.
  9. Devil - People stuck in elevator. Decent acting gets buried beneath silly non-twist.
  10. The Witness - Doc about Kitty Genovese detailing her brother's search for answers. Odd!
  11. The Wailing - Popular Korean thriller/horror did nothing for me. Two and a half hours of zzz!
  12. The Nice Guys - Hilarious! Crowe and Gosling have great chemistry, but Rice dazzles.
  13. Splinter - Fun horror and sometimes funny. Original, beautiful lead and good chemistry. 
  14. Summer Interlude - Early Bergman, simple, slow, but beautifully shot and great leads.
  15. Hellraiser (yes again) - Gets sillier each time, with horrid ending, but still fun.
  16. Suspiria - What it lacks in substance, it more than makes up for in style....and that music!!!
  17. The Conjuring 2 - Much better than the original, but still far from great. Solid acting though.
  18. I Saw The Devil - Rewatched and liked it even more this time. Violence that means something.
  19. It's Such A Beautiful Day - Don Hertzfeldt's stick figure movie says a lot. Almost too much.
  20. The Silenced - Well done, but lacks something. Repetitive feel makes it feel much longer.
  21. Tony - Subtle, almost sympathetic view of loner turned serial killer. Music adds to it.
  22. Them - Short horror film, that connects you to couple, then tensions builds....and builds.
  23. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) - Awful remake, despite lovely to look at Biel. 
  24. Free State Of Jones - True story is timely social commentary. Brilliant in every way. 
  25. Nosferatu (1979) - Herzog directs Kinski. Fails to match original, but Kinski brings it 100%.
  26. The Midnight Meat Train - Clive Barker wrote it. All-Star cast. Absolutely dreadful. 
  27. Vertigo - The greatest movie ever? I'm not sure it's in Hitchcock's top ten.
  28. Lovely Molly - Swings for the fences and comes up well short, due to convoluted story.
  29. Southbound - Horror anthology held together by the thinnest of strings. Fails to deliver.
  30. Trick 'R Treat - Rewatched this classic and it was better than the first. Sam is bae!
  31. La Horde - Action packed zombie flick with tons of cliches. Americans will hate it, I didn't.
I will preface that I am not putting anything I've seen before into my top 3

Top Three: Free State of Jones, Sweet Bean, It's Such A Beautiful Day
Bottom Three: The Darkness, Southbound, The Midnight Meat Train
Biggest Surprise: Bound to Vengeance
Biggest Letdown: The Wailing

Rewatched some classics and probably rewatched more films this month than I have in the past nine months combined. There were some really beautifully touching and thought provoking films this month, but no film made me think more than It's Such a Beautiful Day. An animated film, I will son return to and it may creep into my top 20 of the year. That being said, don't listen to reviews or McConnaughey haters, Free State of Jones is one of the best movies of 2016.