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Homophobia and Hypocrisy

In recent weeks, I've used my status updates on Facebook to relay my feelings on some movies. Unlike most people, I didn't love the Hurt Locker, hated The Hangover, but loved Julie & Julia, watched but disliked Brokeback Mountain. Instead of eggs and bacon I mentioned I had brie with preserves for breakfast one morning. I've mentioned other things, both on Facebook and to people in person and quite often the reaction has been repeated. "You're Gay!"

When a game is on, I get wrapped up in a conversation about Coq au Vin or some artsy film I might have viewed recently, there are those that feel it's a sign of my lack of manliness. Now anyone that knows me knows that I am too messy and my total lack of regard towards fashion shouts out "straight," but I do like to dabble in the kitchen and I like more cerebral movies. It's funny how most restaurant chefs aren't labeled gay, but a single guy who eats gourmet cheese for breakfast is. Why …

Hello, I'm Mr. Opposite

Anyone who knows me knows that I very rarely go with the flow. Going against the norm is basically like a way of life for me, but despite what some people might think, it isn't intentional. I just live by the philosophy, question everything before making a judgement. By questioning everything, I force myself to research everything. By researching or experiencing things I can better make judgements. I am not swayed by popular beliefs. I do not go into situations with preconceived notions, because when one does this, they are already leaning towards a certain direction, outcome or verdict. This my friends is how situations like Nazi Germany, Jonestown and many other historic atrocities were able to occur. It also plays a huge part in religion and politics. Two areas where we believe blindly, with little or no facts. Some call it faith. I call it ignorance.

I've lived in New York my entire life. I am a huge sports fan, so of course it makes perfect sense that my favorite professio…

Brokeback Mountain - A Review

When this movie first came out, I wasn't at all thrilled about it. Jake Gylenhall is a decent actor. I liked him in both Donnie Darko and Zodiac, but he's not the reason they are good movies. Ang Lee, who directed, did Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and The Ice Storm. Both very good movies, but he also did The Hulk, which was horrendous. The real reason I didn't want to see this movie was Heath Ledger. He's been bad in everything I've seen him in and even though it came out later, I saw the Dark Knight and never really bought into his "method" acting. What I saw on screen was a mumbling drug addled mess which in the end it turns out was just what he was. Finally, I caved in and rented it.

Even when I have my reservations about films, I'm still very open minded. Let's remember, I went into Twilight thinking I'd hate it and I loved it. So, I went in hoping for much of the same. I mean the film was nominated for every award imaginable, how bad cou…

Results of the Baby Bucket List (with some new additions)

Back in April of last year I wrote a blog called the baby bucket list and it was ten things I wanted to accomplish before the end of the year. I was not very successful in fulfilling this list and it bothers me. Some were just not to be. Some I did achieve, but none of the ones that really took effort. Well here's the wrap-up.

1. Play Beer Pong - succeeded, but must admit, I'm pretty bad at it. I also don't see the point of it really. I'm drinking while I'm playing and then I'm told to drink. Seems like it actually slows your drinking down. Maybe I'm missing something.
2. Try Foie Gras - unsuccessful, but it did dawn on me that I've had pate, so isn't that almost the same?
3. Not cry at my brother's wedding - I never even got close to crying at the ceremony. I was too busy trying not to sweat to death. Eighty degree days in mid-September. Who called for that?
4. Go to Ellis Island - Not even close. Waiting til this spring or summer.
5. Se…


In the last few years a literary phenomenon has taken place called the Twilight series. I believe the author is named Stephanie Meyer, but I'm not certain. These books, from what I'm told are very long, but similar to other pop culture phenomenons (Harry Potter) they are written for a very young crowd. Not too complex and not too sophisticated. This is why I have no interest in reading them.

So why would I have any interest in seeing the movie? Well, there is one reason and one reason only. I hate not knowing about something everyone else knows about. It kills me to be naive on any topic. When Seinfeld, Friends, even the recent Lost and Grey's Anatomy were popular, I gave them a shot to see what it was all about. In all four of these cases, I was very disappointed. Not only in the shows, but in the declining intelligence of the average TV viewer. Television, popular fiction and for the most part movies have declined so recently. I had no reservations when sitting down to wa…

Valentine's Day

This Sunday is Valentine's Day. It's one of the dumber days we've labeled a holiday, because guys are guilt-tripped into buying things that are way overpriced, doing things that are unnatural and women are silly enough to think we do it because we care. We do it because we don't want to hear shit about how so-and-so's boyfriend did this or that. Yes, we know, he's a sucker too.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm all for romance. I come across as a hard ass who only cares about pointing out the negatives in life, but the reality of it is, I am a helpless and hopeless romantic. No I don't put rose petals on the floor, light candles leading to the bedroom, or go online and buy stars (more on this later). No, I'll make an attempt at cooking and try to time it for when that special someone gets home. I'll get someone their favorite dessert or rent their favorite movie or maybe just do something they like. I enjoy this, but I refuse to do it on February …

A letter to January

As fast as 2009 flew by, January of 2010 gradually passed like a slug after a spring rain. Like the slug, there was nothing very appealing about it. New Year's Day was about as exciting as it's ringing in the evening before. Some food, some drink and some football. Not a bad weekend actually, but nothing to write home about.

Work resumed and my afternoons with the kids were as interesting as always. Some funny statements, some comical acts, but nothing that really stands out. I made nice with a parent, whose child was a bit of a pain, despite being one of my favorite kids. She commended my professionalism and honesty and we built a repore which brought the end of one session to a very nice close.

The NFL playoffs kept me occupied on the weekends and a I also managed to get back in the swing of my movie watching. I also caught up on repeats of my one and only true TV vice, Criminal Minds. I only got into about two years ago, so Ion TVs replaying of old episodes was a nice refresh…