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OCD For Others

As a teen and young adult, I, like many Americans, collected a lot of stuff. The problem with stuff is that you need a place for it. As most of us know, when you accumulate, you create clutter. If you do this enough, they have a name for you; hoarder.

I'm 47-years-old and I've never had less stuff in my life. I am not obsessed with order, or even neatness, in my life, but I tend to show signs of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder when it comes to other people's stuff or making other's lives easier. I don't think about it until after, or until someone comments, but it bothers me.

The other day, I was on line in the checkout aisle and I loaded the conveyor belt with my items. Small cans, large cans, small jars and large jars, all rows of two. Then boxes were lined up, one at a time, large to small. Frozen veggies were then placed in one row, followed by the bulk of my order, fresh produce and fruit, all lined by which could handle weight on top of it. Finally, was my humm…

A Question for Pretty Much Everyone

Recently, at work, I've noticed the boys, 3rd to 5th graders have been feeling their oats. I'm fine with that and I, more than most, understand there's a real difference between boys being boys and abuse. When they are alone, playing sports such as basketball, dodge ball or four square, that they are "playing with our balls." It was funny the first time, but in day 100, it's wearing thin. What I do not like, is when they make these jokes and any other innuendo around the younger boys or the girls; including staff.

This is where the question in my title comes from. Aside from this, I see them asking questions, making comments, disobeying or ignoring the female staff, much more so than they do the male staff. I should point out that while dealing with kids, over two decades, I don't use a whistle and I have yelled, maybe three or four times, ever. It's just not how I teach. The last few days, the disrespect for the female staff has increased and I'v…

Religion and School Shootings

Copied from a Facebook post I wrote earlier, because I'm exhausted from reading this same, tired argument, the day after every school shooting.

 Anyone who knows me, knows I'm the least religious person on the planet, but some of you may also know I was minoring in religion in college and I'm fascinated by it. Not so much the fictional tales, but the fact that religion, in most cases, is simply a set of common sense laws, with the threat of punishment, that may or may not exist. It was used to control the masses, in a time when education was lacking, so the idea of judgement was terrifying, so it worked. What is also interesting is that it wasn't viewed so much as a religion, but a way of life. Especially religions like Judiasm, Islam, Buddhism and for devout Christians, their branches.

 In today's America, most devout Christians, especially Roman Catholics, tend to be conservative by nature. We view this as a manifestation of political ideals, but in reality, it&#…

Personal Paradox

I despise routine, but equally loathe change for the sake of change.
I love the snow, but old bones have made me hate the cold.
I hate the summer, but those same old bones have me embracing its warmth.
I am a morning person and an evening person.
I went vegan, because of my feeling for all sentient beings being equal, yet I'd argue no humans are equal, other than in their rights to equality.
I am lethargic when it comes to beginning a project, but laser-like precise with time management.
I love working with kids, but I've grown fond of those breaks from the little ones.
I crave intelligent conversation, but choose solitude.
I'm considered intelligent, but fail in all those things intelligent people usually succeed.
I am a family person, who rarely speaks to anyone, but my brother, and very rarely.
I am there for my friends, but shun those who try to help me.
I despise personal debts, but I am overcome by them.
I avoid repayment from others, but it's oddly needed at tim…