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Saving Money In Summertime

The warm weather is here and everyone is happy.  It's officially playtime for many kids, as well as many adults.  One thing that happens every summer to almost all of us.  Spending lots of money!  It seems like summertime is like a vacuum to the wallet.  I have two jobs during the school year, but once school ends I lose a pretty sizable chunk of income.  So I was thinking about ways to save money.  I know, maybe not hitting the bar every night is one, but hey, it's summer.  It's still light out at 8:30.  I don't want to stay home.  So I've come up with a few ways to save a couple of bucks, while not changing too much.

1. My Wedge Theory - when going to the deli, instead of buying that roll for $6.00, spend the extra $1.50 and get a wedge.  Eat half for lunch and save the other half for dinner or for lunch the next day.  You do this twice a week and you're saving $10 a week.  Not only that, you're probably eating less which is always healthy.

2.  Mini-Q'…


Why do some people get so agitated while driving?  Why does traffic make people insane?  Why is there such a thing as road rage?  I don't get it.  Sure I get mad at the guy who doesn't signal and almost kills me, but the every day stuff is petty stuff.  And we know not to sweat that, don't we?

I'm talking about the people who set off to work in the morning and get stuck in traffic every day.  Why are they yelling at me.  I didn't know I was dozing off in the middle of two lanes.  They get stuck in traffic all the time and still go crazy.  Then they yell at a person who is probably out of sight distance like it matters.  Or people who get crazy because they have been in the car longer than they wanted to be, all because they made the left instead of the right at exit 7.  Hey Mapquest, Fuck You!

I relish this time.  In the car, all alone, cold drink in my hand (iced coffee thank you). I've got the radio on, singing like I think I can.  I do a mean Michael Buble i…

How Did I Become So Serious?

When I started this blog, it was meant to be a playful way for me to talk about things that happen and my feelings on subjects that interest me.  As time has gone on, I've gotten political, sentimental, at times a little monotonous and very preachy.  I don't know what's happened to me lately.  I'm still fun to be with, so they say, but something has changed.  Is it 40 coming around the bend?  Or have I started to grow up?  Waking up with my wallet in the shower, my clothes soaking wet, and my phone semi-lost seems to prove it's not the latter.  So what is it?

I do know my patience is not what it used to be.  I work with children in the afternoons during the school year and things I used to laugh at are starting to bother me.  I don't totally blame myself.  The average parenting job is abysmal and there is a small amount of respect I demand.  I mean come on, I'm giving these kids the best hours of their week, the least they can do is call me Mr. Fat Ass.  I …

Do What You're Good At

I once had a teacher who told me that when we got older, we shouldn't try to be something we aren't.  We should do what we are good at.  She explained to the class that when she was younger, she always had a knack for showing kids who were younger how to do things.  She taught her friend to tie her shoes, her sister to ride a bike and a cousin to snap her fingers.  So she became a teacher. It all seemed trivial because we've all taught others, but she saw this a calling. So maybe this advice was fruitful, even if I didn't know it then.

I'm approaching the age of forty and friends of mine have different occupations and I'd like to say they are all good at what they do.  I have a friend who is a police officer and when I think about it, he's always been a little protective of others. I have a friend who is a fireman and when I think about it, he's always been good at lounging around, eating and sleeping.  Oh, wait, I mean he's bold and fearless.  I ha…

The View from the Promenade

A common phrase since 9/11 is "We Will Never Forget."  I'm sure nobody ever will forget the horrors of that day r those that followed.  Images emblazoned in our minds whether we like it or not.  I, like many Americans, especially New Yorkers, cried when the towers fell.  To many, they were a symbol of the New York skyline. To me, a symbol of my youth. 

Growing up in Brooklyn, I could see a few things from my bedroom windows.  To the south I could see the Williamburgh clock tower.  At night, lit to tell me just what time my parents had let me stay up, well past my bedtime.  To the north, with a little stretching and some clear skies, I could see the top of the towers.  Living in Brooklyn, I don't remember calling them the towers.  I remember them as the World Trade Centers.  The towers seems to be a catchy media term that's much easier to say.  I remember going on top as a child and being in awe, not of the views, not of the people who looked like ants below.  No…

On The Menu

Recently, I discussed an American phenomenon with a bunch of people from Ireland. They noticed what has annoyed me for years. It's the art of ordering food in a restaurant. Restaurants go out of their way to come up with new twists on dishes to stir not only curiosity, but sales. Why is it that so many Americans can not simply order what is on the menu? I understand that if you have a nut allergy, you need to know what is in the dish, but could you not order the sesame noodles without sesame sauce?

I dated a girl for the better part of three years who in all that time, not once, do I ever remember her ordering something as printed on the menu. In that time, she complained many times about the food. I would always tell her that if she ordered something as is, it most likely would be prepared well. Cooks get used to preparing the same meals and master them. Throw them a curveball or substitute something that takes more or less time to cook and chances are you're not going to be h…


This is a sensitive subject with lots of people. Actually, it's pretty much a sensitive topic with everyone. The reason is because nobody ever wants to be called cheap. Some people over tip, some under tip, some tip depending on service, some tip the standard (18%), some tip what the standard once was years ago (15%), and some refuse to tip altogether. Some people tip everyone, some tip some, and some tip only those they feel worthy of their gratitude. Some people don't tip altogether. Oh, I said that already.

Now tipping usually isn't a big deal, unless you're out with a group. There is nothing more awkward than going out for a game at the bar. You're there for a good four hours. Drinks, appetizers and burgers are flowing. The game is great, everyone is happy, the bartender or waitress has taken care of you with a free cocktail or two and you get the bill. Everyone does the customary stare and someone picks it up and says $380. Everyone starts calculating with thei…