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Pretty Much Given Up On This Medium

It's dawned on me that the things I value, like and appreciate, are not the same things others do. My sense of humor, aside from when with people, isn't the same as others. My love for film is shared by two other people, one who I don't even know and while I do get into some conversations, it's always brief. My interest in politics, religion and social matters are more for debate, but people, even those I somewhat respect, have such problems with conversing without name calling, that even those I know, I avoid nowadays.

I used to enjoy signing on late at night or early in the morning and writing my thoughts. Even nicer when someone would send me a private message commenting on it. It's nice to know people want to know the real you. I've dated people who showed no interest in my blogs and even have those in my life, who rush to read other's awful writings, to comment, critique and praise, who don't care about any of my thoughts. There are even those who …

September Movies

While I'm over 250, my movie watching has taken a hit. Various reasons for this, but actually sleeping for about five to six hours a night is one of them. Hooray! I will say that the quality in September was very high, with at least three top 100 movies of all-time. Two might sneak in the top 50.

Metropolitan - Whit Stillman's lead choice, dooms a wonderful, quirky script.Child 44 - Terrific acting and attention to detail trump predictable plot. Hardy excels.Bonnie and Clyde - Arthur Penn's direction is top ten level. A masterpiece.Clouds of Sils Maria - Truth and fiction blur, but secondary characters tear down solid plot. Obvious Child - Hilarious at times look at unwanted pregnancy, relationships and career.The Innocents - Atmospheric ghost story, hurt by too much bump in the night.The Monitor - A chilling thriller, with a bit of a ghost story to boot. Rapace is outstanding!Pulse - Acclaimed Japanese horror film, doesn't stand the test of time at all. Horribly boring…