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What If Your Dislike For Donald Trump Is More Personal Than Political?

Anyone who is friends with me on social media and hasn't blocked, unfriended, unfollowed or muted me, probably knows I don't like Donald Trump and I'm very vocal about it. I didn't like Bernie Sanders either, but that was different. My disdain for Trump isn't so much his politics, but how much he resembles others I dislike.

Now let's be clear. Trump is a man of outrageous privilege and I could use every cliche about silver spoons and ivory towers, but the reality is, he fits every definition of privilege, but what makes him worse is, he acts on them. For every black man who has been frisked for no reason, there's a Trump type responsible. For every immigrant, who has been viewed negatively, Trump-like men are the reason. For every woman, who has felt uncomfortable, even unsafe around someone, a man like Donald Trump is the reason. And yet, this isn't the reason I don't like him.

I don't like Donald Trump, because his actions so closely resemble …