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Please Friends, Put Down The Phone

Walks in the Park
Aunts and Uncles

On Facebook, I've seen these all. Many posted by the same people.
I have one simple question.

How much more would you and your family enjoy these moments without the need for social media documentation?

In Memoriam

For Shane

Yesterday, I sat in the library, thinking of you. As I pored over vegan recipes, tales of medieval monks, and descriptive biography of Yasujiro Ozu, I thought about you more. Who else could I call and discuss all three? Who else would be able to add insight to my last meal, movie, and chapter? I was tempted to walk, arrive work sweaty, but feeling accomplished, but a bump in the rode arose and I found myself driving. You'd have scoffed, claimed I took the easy way or accused me of always avoiding the circuitous route, in favor of ease. I'd agree, then buy you a beer.

Last night, I thought about us twenty-five years ago, maybe more. Rows of six dimes stacked on the bar. Cold Schaefer puckering our lips. Commenting on the old-timers, of which I am now one. You're not here to share those moments, that repartee or the serious moments we often shared. With every meal, movie and mountain life throws at me, I miss you more. There were years where we only spoke once. Thi…

March & April Movies 2018

Blade Runner 2049 - Deakins' cinematography makes up for a lot. Better than the original!La Bete Humaine - Renoir's boring tale fails to make you feel for any of the characters.Killing Ground - Standard horror trail story, gets good, then completely falls apart.Wind River - Been done before, but for some reason, it clicks in all the right spots.The Villainess - Korean action film that excels due to its "gimmicks" and its amazing star.35 Shots Of  Rum - Claire Denis' version of Ozu's Late Spring, trains and all. Solid.Darkest Hour - Brilliant acting. Oldman won Oscar, but it's James who truly shines.Perfect Blue - Confusing anime Inspired by so much and inspired even more. Must see.Skirt Day - Teacher deals with unruly students and a gun. Heartbreaking. Adjani is great.The Thing (2011) - Absolutely unwatchable. I tried three times and couldn't sit through it.Chris Rock: Tamborine - Feels like a weak reboot of Bigger and Blacker. Pretty dull.The Man Wit…