Friday, September 9, 2016

2016 NFL Predictions

I skipped this last year, but will fully admit, I'd never have guessed my Broncos would be in the Super Bowl. This year, I had two clear cut favorites (Colts and Cardinals) a month ago, but things might have changed. As usual, I go through each game....yes, I predict all 256 games to come up with this. I know, pathetic, but I enjoy it and I've had some success in the past. So here it is. The seed of the playoff teams is in parenthesis

New England Patriots* (2) 12-4
New York Jets 7-7
Buffalo Bills 7-7
Miami Dolphins 4-12

Pittsburgh Steelers* (3) 11-5
Cincinnati Bengals* (5) 11-5
Baltimore Ravens 9-7
Cleveland Browns 3-13

Indianapolis Colts* (1) 15-1
Houston Texans 9-7
Tennessee Titans 6-10
Jacksonville Jaguars 4-12

Kansas City Chiefs* (4) 10-6
Denver Broncos* (6) 10-6
Oakland Raiders 8-8
San Diego Chargers 7-9

New York Giants* (4) 9-7
Dallas Cowboys 8-8
Washington 6-10
Philadelphia Eagles 5-11

Green Bay Packers* (1) 13-3
Chicago Bears 7-9
Detroit Lions 5-11
Minnesota Vikings 4-12

Carolina Panthers* (3) 11-5
Tampa Bay Buccaneers* (6) 9-7
Atlanta Falcons 8-8
New Orleans Saints 7-9

Arizona Cardinals* (2) 13-3
Seattle Seahawks* (5) 12-14
San Francisco 49ers 3 -13
St. Louis Rams 3-13

Wild Card Playoffs
Pittsburgh over Denver
Kansas City over Cincinnati
Carolina over Tampa Bay
New York over Seattle

Divisional Playoffs
Indianapolis over Kansas City
Pittsburgh over New England
Green Bay over New York
Arizona over Carolina

Conference Championships
Indianapolis over Pittsburgh
Green Bay over Arizona

Super Bowl 
Indianapolis over Green Bay

Thursday, September 1, 2016

August 2016 Movies

  1. The Lobster - Typical it good or bad? Does it matter? You can't stop thinking.
  2. The Wave - Norwegian disaster film goes the way of 70's TV movie of the week.
  3. Amer - Modern day giallo. Sensual, visually stimulating, but a bit of a snooze. Worth a look.
  4. The Hunger - 1983 Vampire flick with beautiful people, being beautiful. So wonderfully 80's.
  5. Songs My Brother Taught Me - Scenic, well-intentioned, but needed more feeling.
  6. The Terminator - Still holds up, but so many flaws, especially that synthesized score.
  7. Purple Noon - The original Mr. Ripley shines with Delon in the lead. Great fun.
  8. High-Rise - The most literal allegory ever made. Absolute rubbish, especially Evans and Irons.
  9. The Prowler - Good movie? Not really! Amazing Tom Savini SFX kills? Absolutely!
  10. A Monster With A Thousand Heads - Tense crime drama that makes it point in 70 minutes.
  11. Baskin - From Turkey, the scariest and complex horror film I've seen in quite some time.
  12. Viridiana - Bunuel's tale of a conflicted nun. The film is as subtle as a stampeding elephant.
  13. R-Point - Highly acclaimed Korean ghost story has great concept, but fails on every level.
  14. A Matter Of Life And Death - Amazing in every way.'d I never hear of this?
  15. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - Arguably the worst superhero movie ever made.
  16. 9 - Shane Acker turned his Oscar nominated adult animation short into a great feature
  17. 9 (Short) - Packs a little less power than the feature, but the ending gives a different feel.
  18. Sightseers - British black comedy has peaks and valleys, but early Wheatley film is good fun.
  19. Nothing Personal - A nearly perfect "love" story, with stellar Rea and Verbeek. Visuals too!
  20. Chernobyl Diaries - Fun, but vastly overrated. One scare, beautiful cast, but lacked depth.
  21. The Lost Boys - Re-watched a favorite from my youth. Still holds up for what it is. Fun 80's.
  22. The Color of Pomegranates - Visual feast, that is indescribable. Does it work as a film though?
  23. Counter Investigation - Dejardin stars in French crime thriller. Predictable, but well done.
  24. Anarchy Parlor - Decent premise lost on bad acting and silliness, but one brutal scene. 
  25. Don't Look Now - Not nearly as effective second time around, but Julie Christie was gorgeous.
  26. The Finest Hours - Makes The Perfect Storm look like Citizen Kane. Truly dreadful.
  27. Ali: Fear Eats The Soul - Filmed nicely, but not my cup of tea. Bad acting and painfully boring.
  28. Sunset Song - Best movie of 2016 so far. Agyness Deyn is mesmerizing as are her co-stars.
  29. John Dies At The End - Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Dreadful!
  30. Keanu - Key and Peele's very funny, shockingly good feature length film. 
  31. Bob Ross: Beauty Is Everywhere - The Netflix version of a sedative....ahhh
  32. Yi Yi - Not as a pleasant visually, but a better than A Brighter Summer Day. The kid is tops.
  33. The Happening - Easily Shyamalan's worst. Disjointed from the opening scene and gets worse.
Top Three:  A Matter of Life and Death, Nothing Personal, Sunset Song 
Bottom Three: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, The Happening, John Dies at the End
Biggest Surprise: Baskin
Biggest Letdown: High-Rise

Some really good, maybe even great films, didn't crack the top three, with Edward Yang's Yi Yi topping the list, but followed the adult animation film 9 and Purple Noon surprising me, only in that it's probably a better film than The Talented Mr. Ripley. There were tons of duds, many in the horror genre, with R-Point and The Wave (more thriller) really falling flat. The one movie that somewhat hovered towards the top, but I just can't see watching it again any time soon was Lanthimos' The Lobster. It may very well end up being a great movie, but it lacked the tension that Alps and Dogtooth had. A better movie, but so purposely quirky with well known actors, it felt forced. Next up '71