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June - Lightning Round

Was that the fastest month ever? The NBA and NHL finals were over two weeks ago. Seems likes two days ago. Even the Charleston shooting was a dozen days ago. So many old TV and movie stars were still alive at the beginning of this month and while they're still in our minds, we all await the next loss. It's not morbid curiosity, but it's the world we live in. Social media makes tragedy seem like a daily meal, as we wash the dishes, we're already thinking of the next one and what to have with it.

A month ago, I didn't have a cat. A month ago, I was a lot less happy as I am now and that scares me. Without this cat, I have pretty much two things that make me happy. My private conversations with those who make me laugh and movies. They are the only two things I seem to have left that bring me any kind of joy and yet, I'm not complaining. Apparently, my problems are nothing to those who air all their dirty laundry on Facebook. Mothers and fathers, who by all rights, …

A Couple Of Tips For My Facebook Friends (and Myself)

I won't lie. I'm a bit of a snob about things on Facebook. I know all of you (for the most part) and at one time or another, we've shared some time together. I've been away from every single person I know for almost a year now (6 days away) and I've actually learned more about people than ever before, because I'm forced, out of desperation to stay connected, to pay attention more than ever. Some of these "tips" might just be things I learned about myself, but most are actually kind thoughts for people who are truly making themselves look bad.

Filters and Photoshop - My dear female friends. What a picture looks like on your phone is one thing, but for many of us on computers, your selfie taken three feet from your face is hilarious. I realize we're not all perfect, but trust me when I tell you, your blemishes and bags look less ridiculous than your poorly airbrushed head shots.

Relationship Statuses - You're all in your 30's and 40's ri…

Review and Analysis - Cormac McCarthy's The Sunset Limited

Cormac McCarthy is considered one of America's best novelists of this generation. Let's be clear; being one of America's best novelists of this generation, is like being the executive vice president of a company with eight people. It's a nice title, but it's not really worth much. McCarthy has been around for a while, but not until the Coen brothers came out with No Country For Old Men, did he become a household name to anyone not professing to be living in the literary world.  I've never sat down and read any of his novels, but I've read enough excerpts to know, he's Americana and if you're anything like me, you know this is a kind word for crapola. It's bubble gum and Coca-Cola, collecting license plates and going to tag sales. It's what rich white kids write poems about, thinking they've invented the wheel, but not realizing those wheels were once made of wood, maybe even stone. McCarthy has a way with words that impresses the easily …

The Wegman's Hoax

The #1 Supermarket in America!

Sorry folks, but I'd rather eat dog food. Whenever I tell people I'm in Ithaca, they all say "ooh, they have a Wegman's. You're so lucky!" Well, I've been on this earth for forty-five years and only one in Ithaca and I've gotta tell you all a little secret. The country's greenest, hipsterish, coffee house loving, artsy fartsy, organic city has one small problem...there is nowhere to get decent food. The restaurants I've been to all suck, except of course, for the one Thai place that once won best Thai food in the state. The baked goods are about the worst you'll ever taste and the pizza is revolting. Thank heavens for Wegman's, you'd think.

Here's the thing with Wegman's. Maybe they get good cuts of meat, fish and chicken in. The problem is by the time you get it to your table, that "use by May 13th" label has been changed numerous times. You open up that beautifully, CO2 sprayed sal…

Most Will Disagree Without Reading: Why I Despised American Sniper

Let's not waste any time arguing how much of this movie is fact and how much is fictitious. We know that Chris Kyle's unfortunate death could have easily been prevented, had he not been put into a situation with someone suffering from mental illness. Not PTSD, which the movie claims to be about, but mental illness. Mental illness not stemming from any war action, but something much more home grown. If you can't agree on that, then facts aren't your thing and you should probably just roll your eyes, call me a commie, traitor or whatever other false label makes you feel better about your ignorance. That being said, this is probably the closest part of the movie to the truth and it's not even seen.

The movie, according to Clint Eastwood is about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It's important to note this was not at all what the movie was intended to be about, until Eastwood was criticized for glamorizing a hired killer. One who had it in his bones, since childhood…


Why do people who have little or no constraints, fill their days, weeks and months with chores they neither have to, nor want to do? Why is it that they seem to find ways to turn every bad thing for others into a burden for them. It's amazing to me, when I read, see or hear people's complaints. Even more so when they don't realize I've heard them. Freedom comes in many varieties, but the freedom to choose being misery over happiness has always amazed me. I can't remember a day where there wasn't at least one person who didn't choose to do something that irritated them, for no other reason than to be able to complain about it. Is that living?

I've been in a bad situation for most of the past decade and despite my complaining about sleep and occasionally about my pain, most people think my one gripe is with other people's opinions. It's actually quite the opposite, I love hearing other's opinions, but I merely ask they be able to explain them.…

Free Writing - Take 89

Totally random stuff in my head right now. After sleeping about 4 hours in 60 hours, I crashed for 4 hours this afternoon/early evening. I then went to eat and realized the only think to eat without making pasta or rice, was a nice breakfast. So what if it was 10PM. Breakfast is good at all hours. The options became limited today and I'm not happy. Was hoping to clear my face and branch out. Some of you will get that, but let's just say, my face has been a disaster for two months now and I was hoping help was on the way. Luckily, with my life right now, nobody sees it, but a tiny kitten, who doesn't seem to judge me for my appearance, but how much attention I give him. I then watched one of the worst movies I've ever seen and came upstairs. For five, maybe four, I'm not sure, hours I've sat reading news, chatted briefly with a friend and wrote an e-mail to my brother. My communication with the outside world seems completely via the Internet and I wonder some da…


Tonight, I was scrolling down my Facebook page, when I came to an post about his crazy woman who taped herself in her car, while ranting about the McKinney PD and pool incident. The woman's video has made her an Internet celebrity, because she is black and bashed the teenagers and not the police. Let's be clear, she's now in a special minority of people in the universe who believe this, but an even smaller minority of black people. Let's also get something straight. If you're an intelligent adult and you listened to her and thought she was correct, let's face it, you probably had your mind made up before you even saw the video, because why else would The Blaze and Fox News be running this? That being said, even uneducated, ignorance is acceptable, because it falls under the umbrella of an opinion. So let's leave it at that. This isn't the point.

There was one comment written under the link and it was by someone I went to high school with, someone I cons…

Quickie Review - Tokyo Story

I could probably start now and write until noon and not completely discuss what I watched last night. Ozu's Tokyo Story is considered by those in the film industry, to be one of, if not the greatest movie of all-time. Sights and Sound polled over 300 of the greatest living directors in 2012 and it was consider the greatest movie ever made. To argue this is silly and for the average film goer, it would easily be refuted, but the reasoning would be even's too simple.

The story is about an elderly couple who go to visit their grown children in Tokyo after an extended hiatus. What transpires while they are there and upon their return is a fairly common tale, but never since has it been captured with such style. Where the movie enters the realm of brilliance is in it's lack of character depth. Some will argue this, but each person is a caricature of someone we all know. The decline of the family as we know it in America, is present in full display in post WWII Japa…

Free Writing - Take 88

A new kitten. His name is Vermeer, like the painter.
Cuddles for 12 hours (as of this post).
Hamburger - Salt, pepper, garlic powder, cumin and hot paprika & sriracha.
Late night snack of hummus and Swiss (I hate Swiss, but there were no chips).
No movies.
No battling on social media.
One hour of Hannibal was a letdown, but I'm in a minority.
A beautiful girl, who now, as a woman, makes me smile with her enthusiasm.
The kitten has now been alone nearly three hours. He's fine. I'm not.
Off to listen to his therapeutic purr and hopefully to find that peace.

Free Writing - Take 87

A little different style today. Instead of the flowing babble about one or two subjects, I'm just going to state some things I've realized in the past 24-48 hours, maybe a few more.

I realized that I've evolved in how I watch films more over the last four years, than I did over the previous 30.
I realized, despite my love of food, I could really just live on two breakfasts a day for the rest of my life.
I realized that sleeping doesn't really make me feel any better about myself, either physically or psychologically. I need two hours here and there and then a crash session, but laying in bed, chatting with someone via text is as peaceful, as long as it's the right person.
I've realized that everyone I know whose mood changes based on the mere sight of the sun, is selfish. The rain forces you inside, where you bond. These people hate that, because it's not about them then, it's about us. They don't live their lives for others. Never have, never will.…

Quickie Review and More - Warrior and the Evolution of Tom Hardy

Last night, I finally saw Warrior. When it came out, I remember it was compared to Rocky and I ignored it. I remembered all the people who had told me I was crazy for saying The Fighter was a better movie than Rocky and I couldn't imagine this was better than either. Well, it's not, but it's a very good film. Almost great, but it simply is so incredibly flawed by design, that it can't be. That being said, the actors perform magic with what they are given, warts and all.

One of those actors is Tom Hardy and he's quickly becoming not only the hottest star out there, but the best. Unlike a lot of others, he's a legitimate actor. Much like Fassbender and Gosling, he seems to pick roles that are catered to his strengths and steer clear of his weaknesses. In Warrior, his physical presence, plus is human quality is on full display and it's a pleasure to watch.

Since Warrior has come out, I've seen Hardy in Rock 'n' Rolla, Inception, The Dark Knight Ris…

May Movies

I believe I'm up to 162 for the year, but here are May's selections

Goodfellas - re-watched - Must admit, it hasn't stood the test of time. Seems very choppy.High and Low - Kurosawa! Underrated and one of the best movies I've ever seen. Force Majeure - Truly awful. Basic premise beaten to death, cliche resolution and then...ugh!No Tears for the Dead - Korean action that I turned off. Awful from start to finish. Life Itself - Documentary of Roger Ebert misses the mark on almost every level imaginable. The Hunter - Dafoe is unbelievable, as in not able to believe in this muddled mess.Alps - Oh lord! The writer/director of Dogtooth examines communication in an odd way.Predator - Re-watched. Don't watch too carefully, but still an all-time great creature feature.Selma - Impeccable direction, with one of the strongest starts I've ever seen. Oscar Snubbed!A Most Violent Year - How not to make a movie. It simply lacked everything.End Day - Silly, but very short Doomsda…