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2011 - Starting off with a WTF?

OK, So I danced the night away on NYE/NYD.  Then went out and watched football both Saturday and Sunday.  Had a blast.  The year was starting well.  Then things started slipping away.  You know you're off to a bad start when the first work day of the new year, you have to rent a car, because yours won't go in reverse.  Then I waited and waited for my old car to be towed away. And waited.  I waited almost a week and then called a second company, Then I got sick. 

It all started on a Tuesday night.  I had dinner plans, but something wasn't right.  My stomach was bothering me and let's just say, an awkward moment may have taken place had I gone out.  So a night of stomach issues, was followed by a day where I really started to feel bad.  I went home from work a little early an laid in bed.  I could barely eat of drink anything.  The next day and a half were horrible.  Luckily around 2pm Friday I started to feel right.  I went out and got something to eat and was relieved…

Snow Days

Last Friday, I lay sick in my bed.  I was watching News 12 and while contemplating my odd adoration for Joe Rao, I found myself wondering about the falling crystals that lay outside my window.  I put on some clothes, walked to the front door and gazed in wonderment.  This is what they closed school for? 

Rewind to my childhood.  The plow comes down the snowy Brooklyn street and pushes all the snow between the cars where the hydrant was (somehow this was legal in the 70's).  The neighborhood children ran outside with anything they could find to slide on.  Rarely was it an actually sled. We would use cardboard boxes, plastic bags, whatever.  The mountainous pile of snow eventually had a nice track we could literally slide on our asses should we desire.  We'd climb atop the pile and slide, right into the street.  Someone always kept lookout.  Not so much for safety, but every time a bus came down the street, we'd pepper it with snowballs.  Usually scaring the occupants insid…

Au Revoir 2010

I've been slacking on the blogs as of late.  Had planned on buying a new computer, but it wasn't in the cards.  Also been gallivanting most nights and haven't found time to hit the office.  So I was working on some thoughts about 2010.  It went by pretty quickly.  It was pretty uneventful, but it had quite a number of crazy and fun evenings.  So I decided to take a look back and found that not one of my 2010 resolutions was fulfilled. Not one.

This is quite depressing when you take into account, my resolutions were not very difficult to accomplish.  I didn't clean my apartment and make it more of a living space as opposed to a lair.  I didn't keep up with friends the way I promised myself.  Some I didn't even speak with in 2010, or if I did, very briefly.  I didn't travel other than a visit to my father's once or twice.  My one vacation was more of a staycation.  I didn't spend more time with my brother.  I don't know if  I held people accountab…