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The "Ground Zero" Mosque

I have to agree with public sentiment. I will not stand for a mosque to be built at Ground Zero. That being said, I have no problem with a mosque being built near Ground Zero. The Cordoba House is planned to be built at 45 Park Place, which isn't visible from Ground Zero, from what I've read. The bigger irony is that it isn't even slated to be a mosque. Its going to house the Muslim cultural center. Yes there will be a prayer room, but Muslims must pray five times a day, so it's more for convenience. These days the media, even the liberal media, sees any place a Muslim prays to be a house of worship.  The people behind the project also want to use the building to educate non-Muslims about their religious beliefs and customs.

The real problem with the average American is that they are ignorant when it comes to Islamic beliefs. They believe all Muslims are terrorists and this center is the rubbing of our nose in the tragedy that occurred. How do you imagine the Iraqis fe…

Ten Terms I'm Having Trouble With

Rush hour traffic - If anyone caught in this was in a rush,they would have left earlier
Brushless car wash - or as I call it...rain.
Refried beans - ever see the single fried variety on the menu?
Minor stroke - unless you're doing the doggie paddle,it ain't minor.
All-can-eat buffet - try staying there r three football games.
Severance package - isn't this what Lorena Bobbitt gave John? No thanks, just fire me
Tip jar - usually a pretty stable object.
Ranch dressing - shouldn't this be jeans, a flannel shirt and a bandana?
Fish of the day - bet the ones still in the water don't share this sentiment.
Soup of the day - aka last nights leftovers
Well that's all I can muster tonight.


I have tons of problems with sleeping.  I have insomnia and even if I go to bed drunk or with the aid of two tablets of melatonin, I still have problems sleeping.  When I was younger, I used to sleep like a rock.  Nothing woke me up.  Then my mother got sick and as she became weaker and her voice more faint, I basically taught myself to awaken to the drop of a pin.  The day after she died, I slept for fourteen hours.  Since then, that's three, sometimes even four nights worth.  There are times when I power nap in the late afternoon/early evening, but it's usually for no more than forty minutes.  It hardly feels restful.  Many wonder how it is that I never appear tired or show the effects of my malady.  The reason is REM sleep.  For whatever reason I go into it almost immediately (or so it seems).  I've taken 13 minute naps and had vivid dreams.  It's an oddity, but somewhat stimulating.

Recently I have been having recurring dreams that aren't completely pleasant.  …

What's On The Tube?

Remember back in the early 80's when the miniseries was all the rage?  We had The Thornbirds, Shogun, North and South, The Blue and The Grey and V?  Remember these things?  They were great.  They would usually span 3-5 nights and there was a beginning, a middle and an end.  Nowadays, we are subjected to shows that have a beginning and a never ending middle and the only time they end is when the actors realize that seven years of playing a mafia boss might typecast ones self.  Really?  Seven years to figure this shit out? 

I am done with TV. That's not to say I won't eventually check out some stuff.  I'm looking forward to one day watching the Wire and Dexter, but some of this stuff is just pure recycled crap.  Take Entourage for example.  The first season seemed like it had a clear concise idea of where it was going and how it would end.  Halfway through it gets picked up for a second season and you could see the wheels falling off.  I stopped watching when it became …

14 Minutes In Scarsdale Village

Today while going to the bank, I had trouble finding a spot. Normally this would drive someone to drink, but I already had a cold forty in between my legs, so I was ahead of the game.  What this little inconvenience did was allow me to see the creatures in their natural setting.  The sights were incredible today.  And it made me come to certain conclusions about my favorite little village. 

OK, if you're forty and wear riding boots with riding pants, you're obviously privileged enough to go horseback riding.  If you wear them with jeans, you're a whore.  Either way, you'll probably stick with Christopher Reeves for the money.

Do Scarsdale High School girls realize that rolling your already tiny shorts up and wearing a skimpy see through white top does not allow you to walk across the street without looking?

Why is it that the nicer the car a woman from Scarsdale comes out of the uglier she is.  The correlation is almost always true.

What other town is it OK to take th…

Personal Space: Where'd It Go?

If you've ever been to a dance club, you pretty much understand that you have given up your right to have boundaries.  Sweaty bodies will most likely be bouncing off you like a quarter off Taylor Lautner's stomach (insert your gay comment directed towards me here). I'm not saying someone can put their hand down your pants without repercussions, but it's been known to happen.  Especially on E.  From what I hear.

No, I'm talking about daily life.  It seems to me that this unwritten rule (the 3-foot circle) that applies in all areas of life aside from clubs, rock concerts and public transportation has gone the way of the Dodo.  I've noticed more and more that every time I turn around, I'm stepping on someones foot, bumping chests or even worse, the head knock.  I was at an ATM the other day and I literally had to move sideways to get around the man that was standing directly behind me.  In the deli, I was paying and someone was standing so close I could feel h…