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Politics: Building the Perfect Party

Why do we vote for one politician over an other?

Some vote for the person they most associate with.  People take into account their ethnicity or religion.  Their socioeconomic background or what state they are from or preside over.  Many personal factors contribute to many voters choices, but these are not the only merits.

There are those who vote on the issues.  For most voters, this means one or two issues that are meaningful to that voter and all the others are just the cherry on top or collateral damage.  They have tunnel vision in regards to the whole package, as long as their immediate and important needs are filled.

Then there are the voters who vote party, irregardless of what they believe the candidate believes in.  They truly believe in voting along party lines at all times.  Ironically, nowadays this seems to be the most common reason for a politician to get someones votes.  Most people, when polled, do not know the candidates views on the topics and vote on what has been…

Can You Sleep At Night

We've all heard or used the expression "well I hope you can sleep at night."  It's used as a sarcastic way to offend someone who has done something bad.  Not awful necessarily, but bad enough that their conscious should eat at them.  The opposite is sometimes "I'm not going to lose any sleep over it."  Both are somewhat silly, but make a slight point.  Sometimes I wonder what people do or don't do that eats at them.

Recently, I've been arguing a lot of politics and religion.  I've gotten nasty at times and people gave gotten nasty with me.  One common theme coming from my opposition has been the act of being a good person. Most of them claim that liberals only care about handouts and receiving the benefits from the rich and that the conservatives are the givers.  I consider myself more on the liberal side and I take offense.  They have also preached their religion and how they are "Christians" and apparently that is supposed to be …

Hiatus - Frustrated

About three weeks ago, I decided to stop writing my blog.  Since then I've noticed I've been very angry and with no other outlets for my frustration, I find myself, at 3am on a Sunday, back at it. I don't know if this will go back to being a regular thing, but as I've stated in the past, this has been very therapeutic at times.  So here it goes.

I've been frustrated as of late for numerous reasons.  Inability to find a job, to be more clear, a career has gotten me downright defeated.  My money situation is dire, beyond dire and for the first time since I was much younger, I've had to ask for help.  This is very tough for someone who prides themselves on being self sufficient and not needing much to get by.  I've given up a lot of thinks the last few weeks and probably should have given some up sooner and would have saved a friendship.  That's a private issue, which shockingly, I'll keep in private.

The past few weeks I've argued politics and rel…

My Blog: Coming to and End

Between this and the temporary blog on another website, I am approaching 500 blogs in a little over three years.   There have been times where I have tried to be funny and times where I've been too serious.  I try to keep an open mind and clear perspective, but in the end, my blog might have caused more harm than good.  It started out as a way for me to say some funny things and have 5-10 people tell me I'm funny.  Then it got to the point where 20-30 were telling me they loved it.  Then I got serious. People love negative quotes on Facebook and Twitter, because if for only a second, their lives excel.  I'm sure I've made a lot of people happy with my tales of misery, lost love and my inadequate life.  If that made someones day a little brighter, hell, embrace it.  I'm used to being kicked.

I've aired my dirty laundry and it's something I can't stand that I've done. I've reached out to people through this vehicle and simply pushed them away.  Th…