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Free Writing - Take 96

Lightning Round I'm giving myself two minutes on a timer

Barry Lyndon, a walk through an art gallery on film, but with no likable characters, it's difficult to assess as a whole. I keep wondering why I'm so good at something when no money is involved, but so bad when it is. I also laugh that someone has spent every waking moment worrying about something, ignoring me because of it and two little bits of advice, from someone who gets the world as it is now, could have simplified and amplified their work. I don't worry about it though. Glad to have friends to chat with, because they keep me sane and I hope I return....stop

Ode To My Facebook Friends

Neighbors give you problems
People at coffee shop give you problems
People on the way to work give you problems
People on the subway give you problems
Co-workers give you problems
Clients give you problems
Telemarketers give you problems
Friends give you problems
Family give you problems
Lovers give you problems

 Guess what? It's probably not them

Free Writing - Take 95

Day seven, maybe eight, I've lost count. Side dishes and scraps. Dinner? Not tonight or any night lately. Tonight bothered me, as I whipped something together, it failed, not because of my measly talents, but because of the product available. I ended up eating things intended to be added to others, as an entire meal, but still, this wasn't what bothered me. What bothered me most was, that before I even thought, even looked for my own sustenance, I glanced down and saw the cat, weeping at his empty bowl. I'd filled it four, maybe five hours before, but it was empty. How long, I wondered? I filled it and he ate ravenously, leading me to believe, it hadn't been filled again. How anyone could be so selfish, to call one a pet, but think of themselves before those who rely on them, is a common question. Memories of the past have swept back and reminded me that it's always been like this. Selfish, but not just regular selfishness, pride in it, as if entitled. Finally, I s…

Internet Poetry: Part 1 - Water

I like my martini, stirred not shaken It's why I travel, the road less taken. My battery is dwindling, oh what a fright, Rage, rage the dying of the light.
Good fucking lord. Everyone who can rhyme and has Instagram, thinks they're a poet these days. People tend to steal other's work, change a few words, add a few lines from someone else's work or a Beatles song and then call it their own. If I did this, I'd go by the name of Ogden Mash. By the way, your inability to understand punctuation rules, doesn't make you the next ee cummings either, it makes you an illiterate ass. 
So here's the new thing. Mention water in everything you do. Talking about life, make it a river. Talking about sorrow, mention rain (you get a gold star for mentioning clouds that rain tears). Talking about distance, you betcha Sarah Palin, that shit is an ocean that divides us, unlike Russia...that shit's a stream separating our backyards. The only real dilemma poets have these day…

Free Writing - Take 94

Sorry if you read this to start your day, it's been bothering me for weeks and just needed an outlet.

It's been a while since I've felt like sharing much. I've shared with a select few, but it seems there's so much anger and depression in the world, but when you point it out, or even the wonderful things, you're told you have problems, your conceited or even worse, you're depressed. A few months ago, it was spread a round, that I was suffering from depression. Anyone who knows me well, understands that I take mental instability very seriously. It's something that I think is overlooked and sometimes we miss the signs of those truly suffering.  What bothers me most, is the person who decided to tell people I am suffering from a real illness, battles alcohol each and every night. They don't believe they have a problem, but it has rendered them completely useless for about 15 hours a day. Sadly, I don't care about their problems anymore, because the…

August Movies

I'm up to 238 movies for the year. Slightly less than one per day, but I will add, I've seen a few series', so the number of hours, would probably be that of about 250 movies.

I will say, August started with a few duds, but I saw three movies, I'm considering throwing on my top 25 of all-time list, so this was a powerhouse month. Not to mention, I re-watched (yes, I re-watched three movies) two classics, one top ten all-time caliber and one which made me realize, I only liked it, because of the idea it was great.

The Calling - Wonderful cast can't save it from it's own predictability. It ain't Fargo!Wet Hot American Summer - Great cast, spot on camp camp exaggeration and Molly Shannon!Cannibal Holocaust - Went in with extremely low expectations and they weren't met.Wyrmwood - Wonderful twist for the genre, but wasted by too much humor and lack of plot.The Lion In Winter - Re-watched this epic. Brilliant writing, acting and still a top 10 film.Ghostquake …