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May 2016 Movies

By far, the least number of movies I've watched in a month in almost two years (since I've been keeping track).

Tiny Homes House Hunters - Silly, but some cool houses. Son Of Saul - Auschwitz from almost a found footage style. Cinematic Masterpiece.Star Wars: The Force Awakens - Truly horrible in every way, but script and acting is atrocious.Philomena - Dench and Coogan's chemistry shines in this hilariously poignant film. The Club - Poorly shot and directed film about repenting priests (or not). Didn't work for me.The Girl In The Car With The Glasses And A Gun - Stylish. Hard to like; impossible to hate.Close-up - Abbas Kiarostami's masterpiece is what docufiction should be. Left me speechless.The Traveler - Kiarostami's first. A boy experiences life. Surpasses 400 Blows in my opinion.The Lady In The Van - Despite Maggie Smith's presence, you never feel it. Awful last half.L'Eclisse - Antonioni's third part of "Trilogy," doesn't work a…