Friday, May 19, 2017

The Interesting Thing About My Trump Supporter Friends

Before the election, I could expect some sort of verbal attack almost every day. I was reminded that Hillary Clinton was a liar, a con artist, in a loveless marriage, secretly dealing with foreign powers and surrounded by some of the most corrupt people in Washington, D.C. Then he won.

I could just leave that above paragraph and pretty much make my point.

Once he claimed victory, their anger, hatred and distrust of our first viable female candidate didn't matter. The country would play out the next ten weeks under Obama and then the Trump administration would take over and the country, the world, and his supporters would move on. That didn't happen.

I don't know if it was guilt, shame or some other negative emotion, but when the reality that everything they had despised Hillary for, was present in their choice a strange thing happened. They went on the offense. Now, I don't know if this was simply due to the fact that they never thought he'd win and possibly guilt or shame kicked in, but it got weird. People who had puffed out their chest before the win, seemed deflated afterward. People who had claimed they'd handle losing with class, as long as "we" handled winning with it, suddenly couldn't muster such etiquette. They became people I never thought I'd see. People turned on, not only those who didn't believe what they did politically, but who didn't believe in what they did regardless of the topic. Not liking a sports team, a movie or a restaurant turned you into a "snowflake." Yet, the most ironic part was viewing their posts on Facebook. People who would get so frustrated by someone not saying thank you, or talking too loudly on their phone, were criticizing others for not being happy with the fact they might lose their health insurance. What's even better, when they found out they would pay more under their savior's plan, they turned it into a racial issue. When they found out they may not be able to get a mortgage, it became a religious issue. When they found out their taxes would go up, it became a sexual orientation issue. Their arguments, much like that of our current leader, never actually corresponded with what they were so angry about.

Despite asking over seventy people, only one, yes one person, publicly explained why they were so angry and why Trump's winning brought them joy. While the answer wasn't in any way a reflection of happiness, it was at least a coherent thought. I did appreciate that. Now, here's the strangest part. Of the over 70 people I called out publicly before the election to explain their admiration for Trump, almost all of them have stopped talking to me. I've heard some second hand stories that they hate me, lost respect for me, even a few want to fight me, but this is what it makes it all so very odd.

They won.

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