Monday, March 20, 2017

First Day Of Spring

A week into springing forward, we try not to look back. Snow covers the my world, breath is visible in the cold air and the bones still ache as the wind hit my knees. The snow will soon to turn to rain and old saying of lions and lambs will fill our ears. As the air warms and the days get longer, the time to do things is near. The evening jogs, cocktails on a deck, childhood games and all the positive things we associate with Spring will arrive. Rebirth! Spring, seasonally, religiously and metaphorically is viewed as a new beginning. Long after the calendar pages increased in number, the real "new year" begins. I have few, if any, wishes for myself, but hope this year proves bountiful for those who I've watched struggle. I hope happiness blooms for those so deserving of so much more, than simply having more daylight to deal with, well, life.

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