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Been a while

OK, this might sound nuts, but I didn't realize you can completely shut off people's posts and stay friends with them. Whoops, sorry racists that I unfriended. JK, I'm not sorry.

In other news, The Grand Budapest Hotel was great and Nightcrawler sucked.

Some poll listed Tina Fey as "America's Choice" to replace Jon Stewart. I double and triple checked, but surprisingly, this poll was not taken in 2004 when Fey was still funny. I like her, because she's smart and cute, but she's not funny. Her sidekick is hilarious and she just plays off of her, but alone, ugh. She's as drab as the decor in the Shining.

While I'm all for marijuana legalization, I find it very odd that now that is legal, 20-somethings are retiring to follow their "path." Hmm, guys in the NFL giving up potentially tens of millions to "find themselves." That shit is the Gateway drug alright. Gateway to poor choices.

I know most of you are thrilled with the warmer weather, but good fucking lord that dripping for the last 36 hours is enough to drive me insane. If there is one noise I can not take it's dripping. It's truly torture.

I spent 10 years sitting alone eating dinner and it was the single worst thing in my life. Now I get to sit with someone who doesn't speak. I think that might be ten times worse.  It's dawned on me that when you see people in an environment that is their comfort zone, they do nothing. Maybe that is what life is all about. Sitting alone and not saying a fucking word and then if you've mastered life, you can sit with others, say nothing and then all write each other notes about how fun it was saying nothing to each other.

I've also realized that being a multitasker is a horrible cross to bear. I don't know if I truly have ADD, but it's made me so sympathetic who those who suffer with that burden. I've always taken pride in being able to do ten things at once and in doing so, save time. Time to watch six movies, get an extra hour to lay in bed, whatever it may be. I've always thought this was a plus in my life, but over the past few years, especially the last few, I've gravitated or just happened to be with people who simply can't do two things at once. I mean nothing. It must be a wonderful thing, to be able to focus on one thing, solely for days on end and when that pops into your head, nothing else can be accomplished. I guess that is where art comes from. I am not artistic, because my mind is like a Pollack.

I've been very upset by some people I thought I knew lately. Not people I know, just people I thought I knew one way, who have proven to be awful people. So much hate and anger fills them and they love bad things. Love might be a strong word, admire or maybe even a blind eye is turned to the negatives of that which they praise. It's a sickness in my mind, but then again, they might see me caring about the homeless more than their aunt with the swastika tattoo to be rude.

I'll end with a happy note. Two people have made me laugh so much lately. Another has made me feel important. A fourth has made me feel like my opinion matters and a fifth has let me know something else about myself that I'd thought I'd lost. Here's the funny thing. None of them were close to me eight months ago. It's a weird world, but not all bad.


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    Hey, I was just reading about how multi-tasking is really just not paying attention to anything fully. Better to do one thing at a time and focus on it. I think we give ourselves ADD with all the distractions. Did people have ADD in 1850? Probably not. They focused on what they were doing and had a day in the week to accomplish different things. By the way, I'm about to start harassing you on Twitter. Your life is now complete! Yay!

    1. I've always been able to do multiple things at once well, but the reality is, what I'm really doing is doing one, stopping, doing another, stopping etc. But I can talk on the phone and type while listening to music, but I can't read a book while listening to music. I just read that people who eat with the TV on, eat about 20% more than people who don't, which is another odd negative of multitasking. The article said something about not committing to paying attention to either, so you just go through the motions. What I meant in this post was people who if they schedule a meeting on Monday, for Thursday, they become completely inept Tuesday and Wednesday, regardless of the level of importance the meeting holds. That to me is terrifying.

  2. I can watch TV while playing with my phone, but then I realize I have no idea what happened on the TV show. Same happens when I drink wine and do anything.


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