Wednesday, January 10, 2018


I have rallied for and against this whole concept of Millennials. I hate the thought that an entire generation is being labeled for the actions, or better yet, the inaction of the majority. Yes, this is how stereotypes work, but in a country where someone can be elected to represent the masses, while only appealing to 45-46 percent of the people, it's unfair. Hashtag Resist Millennial Labeling.

When does this tag begin and end? Every generation has their go-getters and their slackers. Many times, both are wrapped into one person. Yet, we always assume that the younger generation will fight to undo the perception they are lazy. Not this new generation. The new crop of 18-25 year old "kids," on the whole, are some of the laziest people I've ever seen and please, don't believe simply going to school and/or having a job is an accomplishment. They're supposed to do both and if they are only doing one, do that one to not only the best of their abilities, but better. 

And here we are. People taking off work to study, as if that's a real life scenario. Can you imagine telling your boss at 35-65, you need to take off of work, because you have something important to do, with the expectation you'll be leaving this job for greener pastures? You'd be laughed at mightily, as your desk was being cleaned out. Can you imagine coming into work and playing with your hair or discussing your hard life to your boss, as your coworkers worked ten feet away? Can you imagine routinely coming in two, maybe three minutes, knowing that the most strenuous part of the day is the first ten minutes and the last twenty? Can you imagine watching coworkers sweep, lift boxes, tables, and monitor theirs and your station, while you get your winter clothing on early, as not to make your ride home wait? I could go on, but you get the picture.

Here is where it all gets so maddening. These "kids," don't even know it's wrong. They aren't scolded and told to shut up and do their job. The expectations aren't as high, because of their generation. They have a lot on their plate. They're stressed. They didn't get enough sleep. They are going through a transition. The list goes on, not of why they can't simply do as much as the rest, but why we can't confront them, but here is where it borders on insanity. The same generation who condemns them lackadaisical work ethic, their excuses and their overall malaise; yes, the same damn group that named them, are not only the ones who created them, but, and here's where my blood boils, have decided that they should get paid as much as those with five, ten, twenty and even thirty years experience, simply because they've somehow grown up in a time of blanket equality, as long as your young and white and have a college degree or are trying to achieve one. 

I walked into a situation a few months ago, where I was the new guy. Twenty plus years of experience and every day I asked what to do, if I was doing it correctly, and offered to stay late. I've been on time twice, late once, early over fifty times. I do as much of the physical work as possible, so those who are much better at the details can do their job. They too are younger, but I realized, by putting forth a certain amount of effort, they, most already very good at what they do, started picking up their pace, which made me pick up mine. We now, all of us, but two, do in ten minutes, what used to take twenty and now we do more. At the end of the day, when we're all tired, we do our work, plus the work of two others and we do it in half the time. Some want to call them millennials, but maybe, they're just the kids of the same lazy kids who were Gen X'ers, baby boomers and whatever came before. Heaven help their offspring, because getting out of bed my be considered a sacrifice and their parents may choose to protect them from such demands. 

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