Thursday, January 4, 2018

Movies of 2017

  1. Dog Eat Dog - Nic Cage in the most Nic Cage-y movie ever. Dafoe too. So bad it's good!
  2. The Measure Of A Man - Dignity and principles challenged. The acting is mesmerizing.
  3. Real Genius (re-watched) - Silly, possibly bad, but so damn likable. So 80's!
  4. Little Sister - Simple, yet complex story about Addison Timlin dazzles.
  5. Under The Shadow - Iranian horror blends reality, delusion and metaphors almost perfectly.
  6. The Rezort - Jurassic World meets The Walking Dead, written by the folks at Grey's Anatomy.
  7. Mea Culpa - French thriller, uses a cliche premise, but makes it work wonderfully. 
  8. Carnage Park - Solid first hour, then falters in finale. Wonderful performance by lead Bell.
  9. Victim - Short film based on Slenderman story. Felt like a live-action version of online game.
  10. Shorts: 3;07AM, JPGs, Fathom, HAM, Snap - Ham was best of bunch, with John C Reilly.
  11. Queen of Earth - Elisabeth Moss in award worthy role about woman's descent into depression.
  12. Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - Awful, but somehow it's pure 70's fun.
  13. The Monster - Openly metaphoric tale of mother's struggle and its affect on her daughter. A+!
  14. Grizzly - 70's animal attack video. Fun, but silly. Jaws with Claws tagline is a hint.
  15. POD - Mickey Keating strikes again, Decent idea, but poorly though out with awful ending.
  16. Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter - Photography helps, but film fails on too many levels. 
  17. Bill Burr: Walk Your Way Out - Strong start, but falters, when audience doesn't respond.
  18. Shorts:  Zero - Decent, but silly ending. Puzzle - Fun, but predictable.
  19. The Collector - Nice premise ruined by repetitive scenes. Silly throw-ins mean nothing.
  20. The Iron Giant - I'm late to this wonderful animated film about friendship and much more.
  21. Ataud Blanco (White Coffin) - Argentinian horror. One of the most unsettling films ever made.
  22. Stutterer - Oscar winning short. A man trapped within himself. Difficult, sad, beautiful.
  23. Shorts: Das Rad - Rocks talking and observing. Edward - Man collects what falls underground.
  24. Howl - Silly werewolf tale, that fails to grab and plays into every cliche, with no message.
  25. Short: Mr. Hublot - Brilliant film about a recluse with OCD and what makes him break.
  26. Sing Street - While not as deep as similar films, it hits every mark it aims for. Pure fun!
  27. Voice Without A Shadow - Early Seijun Suzuki. This noir, shows his style and early promise.
  28. The Handmaiden - Chan-wook Park's beautifully, bold tale excels. Chemistry is amazing.
  29. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Re-watched) - Still one of the greatest of all-time.
  30. Sharkansas Women's Prison Massacre - It was that kind of night. Funny, but not that funny!
  31. American Experience: Leopold and Loeb - Well done, but nothing new.
  32. Jim Norton: Mouthful of Shame - Norton takes taboo subjects and makes them funny.
  33. The Warlords - Epic tale starring Jet Li. Starts strong, but becomes repetitive and cliche.
  34. Ten - Abbas Kiarostami allows Mania Akbari to define being a woman in modern day Iran. 
  35. Train to Busan - Rarely does a horror film surpass the hype. Nothing new, but excels.
  36. The Invitation - Interesting premise plays out almost exactly as predicted. Silly "twist."
  37. Dave Chappelle Netflix - Two parts, each perfectly crafted and somehow allowably offensive.
  38. The Phoenix Tapes '97 - Found footage stays true to footage, but boring, silly finale.
  39. Frailty (Re-watched) - A nearly perfect little thriller. Paxton also directed. He is sorely missed.
  40. Phantom Of The Theatre - Beautifully to look at, but I lost interest quickly. Just misses mark.
  41. Eat - Psychological horror that is pretty gross, but is just witty enough to work.
  42. Shorts: In This House - Demonic possession with a twist. Baby Monitor - Silly Scenarios
  43. Ghost In The Shell (1995) - The most complex "cartoon" ever made? Amazing in every way.
  44. The Eyes Of My Mother - Artsy but, can't hide the torture porn simplicity. Dull and uninspired.
  45. Destiny - Fritz Lang's classic, may not be his best, but the impact on the craft is evident.
  46. The Third Man - More style than substance, with humor pushing it along. That ending though!
  47. The Windmill - Run-of-the-mill (pun intended) horror with some nice little twists.
  48. Kubo and The Two Strings - One of the greatest animated films ever made! 
  49. Hero (re-watched) - One of the most beautiful movies ever made and a top 10 ending.
  50. The Greasy Strangler = Easily one of the strangest, and worst, movies ever made.
  51. Short: Escape - Very short anime is beautiful, but rather pointless in its short form.
  52. The Childhood Of A Leader - Superb acting and brilliant score overshadows odd, weak ending.
  53. Gozu - Takashi Miike channels his inner David Lynch for this one. Weird. Weird. Weird.
  54. Midnight In Paris - Woody Allen's most beautiful and charming film. Art lover's homage.
  55. Despicable Me - Boring, run of the mill kiddie flick, with nice ending. Minions are annoying.
  56. The Jungle Book - Not as much fun or as uplifting as some remakes, but gritty tale.
  57. Mifune: The Last Samurai - Average documentary, lifted by subject matter and wonderful clips
  58. Over The Garden Wall - Not the best, but fun animated tale with obvious messages. 
  59. Cloverfield - One of the worst horror movies ever made and it's found footage. UGH!
  60. Home - Animated film about girl love, family and friendship. Jim Parsons' voice is grinding.
  61. Delhi Safari - Overly drawn out and unnecessary violence, but a good message,
  62. Zombie Dawn - Awful micro budget horror, with hilariously serious narration.
  63. Manchester by the Sea - Don't believe the hype. Williams is only bright spot. Awful script.
  64. Frozen (again) - Great music, but awful movie with worse message for little girls.
  65. Imprint - Seriously low budget. Native American crime thriller is an absolute bore. 
  66. Bruges La Morte - Attempt to be artsy is more annoying than anything else. Horrible.
  67. Hector - Everything Manchester by the Sea tried to be. Mullan pulls it through it's weaknesses.
  68. Tokyo Tribe - Japanese, Hip-Hop, Gangster film. Somehow it not only works, but well!
  69. Norm McDonald: Hitler's Dog, Gossip and Trickery - Rather steady, but at times, pure gold! 
  70. The Birth of Sake - Documentary tries to romanticize, but there's no history. Odd approach.
  71. Denial - Poor writing, directing and editing, but acting is stellar. Could have been great.
  72. Kill Ugly TV - I may have completely misread this film, but found it extremely deep.
  73. Tag - Insane Japanese film combining over-the-top horror with a strong feminist message.
  74. The Similars - Mexican homage to The Twilight Zone. Too drawn out and never really clicks.
  75. Hunt For The Wilderpeople - Amazing funny, touching story, with some serious cast chemistry.
  76. Jim Gaffigan: Cinco - Not his best, but quite a few laugh out loud moments.
  77. The Kid (Re-watched) - Charlie Chaplin's classic comedy still packs an emotional punch
  78. Monsters - Gareth Edwards low budget monster film attempts to say a lot. Fails miserably.
  79. Sherlock: Season 4 - Possibly the best season in one of the greatest TV series' ever
  80. The Girl With All The Gifts - New take on zombies. Lags often, but ends spectacularly. 
  81. Citizen X (Re-watched) - One one of the most underrated films ever made. Cast shines!
  82. The Blackcoat's Daughter - Atmospheric garbage by Oz Perkins. Oddly, the acting is top notch.
  83. Black Belly Of The Tarantula - Giallo. Beauties and young Gianinni. Works, but a bit boring.
  84. Sarah Silverman: A Speck Of Dust - Her delivery is like no other and it works magnificently. 
  85. Headshot - It's no Raid: Redemption, but unreal action and violence and non-stop energy.
  86. The Image (short) - Young David Bowie as painting comes to life, with It Follows vibe. 
  87. The Keepers (series) - Strong start, but too much staged dramatization, hurts message.
  88. Blondie's New York - Doc about making of Parallel Lines. Very good and personally important.
  89. Dead Silence - Horrible James Wan film about dolls, spirits and bad script writing.
  90. In The Mouth Of Madness - Solid Carpenter, starting to feel dated. Uneven Sam Neill.
  91. I Am Not Your Negro - Powerful! Baldwin's tale is infuriating in that we've not come very far.
  92. Carnival Of Souls - The version I saw was colorized and this film needs to be in B&W!
  93. The Salvation - Fun, if not silly Western, with marvelous and good looking cast.
  94. The Addiction - Abel Ferrara's 90's vampire flick is a metaphor for everything. Lili Taylor A+
  95. DePalma - Wonderful doc about the director's life in film, his success and many failures.
  96. The Lodger - Silent Hitchcock didn't work for me, other than in it's use of light.
  97. Little Dieter Needs To Fly - Herzog doc that became Rescue Dawn. Painfully dull.
  98. The Snare - Pretty people lose it. We've seen it before. Tries to be cerebral, but fails.
  99. The Void - Homage to Carpenter, Lovecraft and others, suffers from style over substance.
  100. Human Lanterns - Shaw Bros do a martial arts horror movie. Beautiful, but boring.
  101. The Last Man On Earth - Vincent Price as The Omega Man. Dull, rushed, but effective.
  102. Teheran Taxi - Jafar Panahi's Taxi is a beautiful, funny and powerful look at Iran's daily life.
  103. Master Of The Flying Guillotine - Rewatched one of my all-time favorite Kung Fu films
  104. What the Health - Food Doc. Follow up to Cowspiracy. Much better and scary in many ways.
  105. Julie: Old Time Tales of the Blue Ridge - Short film chronicles woman's life. Wonderfully done
  106. Caged Bird & Airborne - Shorts on Youtube. Del Toro produces beauty and zombie kangaroos.
  107. Antarctica: Ice and Sky - Brutally boring. Sad, because it should be fascinating and important.
  108. Once Upon A Time In Anatolia - Beautifully shot. Powerful. What movies should be!
  109. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story - I wanted to like it, but it was bad in every way.
  110. Shame - Being a Bergman classic, I expected more, but Nykvists cinematography is tops.
  111. Here Alone - Zombie movie, but so much more. One of the best horror movies in years.
  112. Rashomon - Re-watched Kurosawa's masterclass in storytelling. A true game changer.
  113. Colours Trilogy: Bleu - Binoche dazzles in visually and musically dazzling Kieslowski film
  114. Colours Trilogy: Blanc - Suffers from dull plot, but makes its point. Just didn't click for me.
  115. Colours Trilogy: Rouge - The best of the three. The clever duality and Irene Jacob shines.
  116. Election - Johnnie To's triad film feels like a weak homage to Goodfellas and alike.
  117. The Spirit Of The Beehive - Second viewing and easily the most complex film I've ever seen.
  118. The Gospel According To St. Matthew - Biblical tour de force from Pasolini. Beautiful.
  119. The Devil's Candy - Solid acting and decent story gives way to horribly silly climax.
  120. Lifeboat - Re-watched. In my opinion, Hitchcock's greatest film.
  121. Strasek, de Vampir - Ode to Dreyer's Vampyr, it looks good in B&W, but fails miserably.
  122. Come and See - Klimov's war film is unlike any other. Viscerally shocking, haunting film.
  123. Gojira (Godzilla) - The original still resonate with it's anti-war message. Maybe more today.
  124. El Topo - The weirdest movie I've ever watched. Jodorowsky is insane.
  125. Ghostbusters (2016) - Exceeded not only expectations, but its predecessor. Yes, I said it!
  126. No Estamos Solos aka We Are Not Alone - Well done, but typical and predictable. Nice finale.
  127. Le Silence de la Mer - Melville's visuals accentuate the silence of all, but one character.
  128. Drunken Angel - It's impossible to believe this was Mifune and Kurosawa's first collaboration.
  129. The Autopsy of Jane Doe - Great cast can't save this. Absolutely awful.
  130. Kanal - Wajda's film develops so many characters, so quickly. Shot beautifully, despite themes.
  131. The Darjeeling Limited - First Wes Anderson film I hated. Truly awful. 
  132. Raw - Average throughout, leading towards boring, but excels in its finale.
  133. Logan - One of the better superhero/comic movies ever. Great action and stands on its own.
  134. Armageddon - Re-watched. So silly, but still a fun movie.
  135. Delta Force - Re-Watched. So campy and very little Chuck during the first half.
  136. Hounds of Love - Good, but disturbing film about domestic violence and kidnapping. 
  137. Don't Breathe - Great idea, fails with lack of tension and ridiculous side story and finale.
  138. Top Of The Lake: China Girl - Impossible to top the original series and doesn't come close.
  139. Split - Shymalan's vision comes to life thanks to McAvoy, Buckley and Taylor-Joy!
  140. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter - More of the same starts to fade, but loved the conclusion.
  141. Woman In The Dunes - Beautiful, haunting and erotic. A film that lingers inside you. 
  142. Peur(s) Du Noir - B&W Animated vignette. Stories are good, but animation is the draw.
  143. Rififi - Sadly, the DVD wouldn't let me finish the movie, but at that point, I stopped caring.
  144. A Dark Song - Nicer to look at than to watch. Worth seeing, but nothing special.
  145. Cria Cuervos - Wonderful acting, but this anti-Franco allegory didn't work for me.
  146. It Comes At Night - Horror fans will hate it, but it's as complex and layered as it gets.
  147. The Babysitter - Samara Weaving is beautiful, but this film struggles with what it wants to be.
  148. Arrival - Amy Adams not being nominated for an Oscar will go down as an all-time snub.
  149. The Steamroller And The Violin - Early Tarkovsky with hints of the classic, The Red Balloon.
  150. Alien: Covenant - It's as bad as you've heard. One of the worst scripts of all-time.
  151. Stranger Things 2 - Worth the binge watch, but pales in comparison to season 1. Still solid.
  152. Letter Never Sent - Surguy Urusevsky's cinematography makes up for dull plot.
  153. Samurai I - Inagaki trilogy begins. Mifune is wonderful, but the story drags.
  154. Samurai II - Slightly better than original, but mostly due to enhanced cinematography.
  155. Samurai III - My favorite of the trilogy. While hardly great, these film's impact is irrefutable.
  156. Patton Oswalt: Annihilation - Tight routine, with poignant and hilarious segment about loss.
  157. Get Out - Starts strong, but disjointed writing, odd shift in tone and horrible ending fails.
  158. War for the Planet of the Apes - The best since the original 1968 film. Sans ending, better.
  159. Capture Kill Release - Decent found footage, completely running on lead actress's insanity.
  160. I Live In Fear - Not one of Kurosawa's best, but timely, then and now. Mifune is stellar.
  161. The Other Side Of The Door - Tension builds and builds...and builds. Ends up being a bore.
  162. One Wonderful Sunday - Early Kurosawa, feels like other's great films. Depressing, but bold.
  163. The Exorcist III: Legion - Re-watched after 27 years. Still better than the original Exorcist.
  164. The Prodigal Son - Martial arts and humor, with more of the latter. A pleasant distraction.
  165. Kristy - Formulaic horror, but is better than average due to realism and strong lead.
  166. Rosa - Strikingly beautiful animated short. Interesting, but needed more. Want more.
  167. Youth of the Beast - Early Seijun Suzuki is more style than substance, but so much style.
  168. Atomic Blonde - Easily Theron and McAvoy's worst roles. So absolutely terrible.
  169. Annabelle Creation - Absolutely terrible. Shockingly bad acting and not a single scare,
  170. Personal Shopper - Assayas almost makes his common mistake, but hands reigns to Stewart!
  171. Bluebeard - Breillat's adaptation worked for me. Loved the simplicity and cinematography.
  172. Eraserhead - Finally saw Lynch's "cult" classic. I wish I hadn't. Dreadful.
  173. Voyage in Time - Documentary with Andrei Tarkovsky and Tonino Guerra. For fans only.
  174. The Orphanage - One of the best and horror movies I've ever seen. So carefully crafted.
  175. Craig Ferguson: Tickle Fight - Amusing, but hardly vintage Ferguson.
  176. The Straight Story - Lynch's simple tale is taken to  unexpected heights, thanks to Farnsworth.
  177. Wonder Woman - Gadot is fun, sexy and committed to the role, but it never clicks.
  178. Loving - Jeff Nichols, once again proves he's one of the best. Ruth Negga is brilliant.
  179. Sisters - Early De Palma stars the stunning Margot Kidder, but comes off as amateurish.
  180. Star Wars: A New Hope - Been almost 30 years since the last time I watched it. Still amazing.
  181. Los Olvidados - My least favorite Bunuel film to date. Grim, with only one likable character.
  182. Bluebeard - Korean psychological thriller that bites off more than it can chew. Rushed ending.
  183. Black Christmas - Cult classic stands up thanks to lovely Hussey and Kidder. Great Saxon!
  184. The Grandmaster - Wong Kar-Wei's film is aesthetically wonderful, but lacked fluidity. 
  185. The Sacrifice - Tarkovsky's finale will leave even his most devout fans, scrambling for words.
  186. The Big Doll House - 70's sexploitation has Pam Grier, a bevvy of beauties and young Sid Haig
  187. Directed by Andrei Tarkovsky - Documentary about making of The Sacrifice. Fascinating

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