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Trump's First SOTU Address - My Take

Copied from my Facebook page
As you can imagine, I'm not very popular on the complain about traffic, job, kids, friends, coworkers and life in general for attention website.

A few takeaway's from Trump's first State of the Union Address!

Trump praised all the right things to start

But to believe they are great, one would have to admit, that Obama made them great and Trump simply let them stay the course.

Trump praised police

But to believe this is sincere, you have understand that by attacking the FBI, ignoring gun laws and by antagonizing minorities and poor people, by increasing marijuana arrests, making moves to privatize prisons and kill public education, he is putting police in grave danger. If by praise, he's commending them on handling it, then yes, he is in their corner.

Trump was truthful and exaggerated his tax cut work

But to believe they are great, you have to ignore that 20% goes to the top 1%, 60% goes to the top 20% and within 10 years, 50% of the US will see a tax increase, while the top 1% will receive 80% of the benefits.

Trump is right about the Dow Jones

But to believe this is great, you have to own stock in one of the 30 companies that comprises it. 99% of the stock is owned by 20% of the investors. Less than 50% of American invest, so 99% is owned by 10% of the country. The average investor has less than $15,000 invested, so if there's been $8 trillion gained, well you figure out who has benefited. Also, if you accept the Dow as a positive for our economy, then Obama did a better job, by percentage, than Trump did and the Dow would have to reach 50,000 for Trump to match him.

Trump is right that auto factories are leaving Mexico

But to believe this is a positive, you need to understand that for every one factory moving back to the US, ten are being opened in China and other parts of Asia.

If you got through the first half and you're clapping

You have to realize, Trump's praising Obama's policies and Hillary's promises. So if you believe he was truthful, you'll have to say the previous eight years were pretty amazing, or you're simply biased.

Then came the second half, where he didn't mix words.

Trump believe all Mexicans are bad
He spoke more about MS-13 than he did about Dreamers
He spoke about border security more than Mexican influence
He spoke about crime and drugs, not agriculture and business

Trump doesn't think very highly of black people
He spoke about low unemployment, as if it wasn't low before
He spoke about respecting the flag, as if it's a black thing

Trump spoke about his VA bill, hailing the firing of 1,500 "bad" employees and calling for accountability.
This is a good thing, if not for the fact that those 1,500, plus 35,000 other positions have not been filled. Including 4 director's positions.
He mentioned the importance of mental health and veteran's now being able to use doctor's outside of the VA. This sounds convenient, but the lack of funding will create the need to privatize the VA, something every veterans committee is against.

Trump spoke about Unity, despite consistently using social media to call out people using terms like "Crying," "Lying," "Lil," and "Pocahontas." His speech, claimed to be bipartisan, but clearly spoke to his base. He ignored the achievements he inherited and put a negative spin, claiming his lifting of regulations was the cause, when in fact, it reverses what made things great. He ignored our energy growth, then claimed the use of some mythical "clean coal" is our future.

He mentioned Gangs
He mentioned ISIL
He mentioned North Korea
He made no mention of our single greatest threat - Russia

To believe Trump's speech was truthful, one would have to pretend the Obama presidency never occurred
To believe Trump's speech was meant for all of us, you need to pretend, we're all still believing in this mythical American Dream.
To believe Trump's speech was about unity, you need to forget his campaign, his twitter account, his leaks, and most of all, the words that he's uttered himself.

If you believe, Trump's speech was about the State of the Union as a whole, you need to have been ignoring the last two years of your life.


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