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Twenty Four Hours Of Facebook

Last night I awoke from a very long nap at 3am.  It really can't be  considered a nap, being it was taken at night and I slept longer than I had in weeks.  I rolled around my bed for a bit.  I played a few games of words with friends that were waiting for me.  I then, got up and was famished.  I started a pot of coffee and looked through the leftover Chinese food I had ordered for dinner the night before. I  plenty to choose from.  I opted for the boneless ribs.  I threw them on a plate and covered them with that sweet sauce. My coffee was ready, so i did the guy thing and decided to eat the ribs cold. Just as good if not better.  It was about four by then and I signed on to Facebook.  Inundated by pics of dogs and cats and useless stuff, I made a comment in my status.  I then looked over some news articles and checked the evenings sports score.  Coffee tasted divine at 4:30am.  That coupled with my new found vice, Pandora we enjoyed some Sabbath, Adele and various blues and country singers.

5am rolled around and I commented on some people's posts.  I hoped that I wouldn't wake anyone, but that didn't stop me. I also played some strategy game that eventually drove me crazy by round seventeen. I then decided a blog was necessary.  I've fell victim to lists and silliness, but felt like I had a story to tell yesterday morning. I finished and posted it, only to later review it and found multiple grammatical and spelling errors.  Still it was one the better ones I've written recently.  Who read it? Who knows, only two or three people said anything to me.  It wasn't for them anyway.   More Pandora had my mood up.  Muddy Waters, Cat Power and some others.  The solitude wasn't bothering me

By 7am, I was reading more news and people started to rise. Complaints about the weather, their coffee being too hot, the traffic, their kids keeping them up and so on.  At times, Facebook seems like nothing more than a printed version of Seinfeld, with people making comments about every day occurrences like they are the first to experience oversleeping.  At least I don't have to listening to the abhorrent nasally voices.  Somethings are better read than heard.  I jumped on Twitter for a while and spoke to someone and read the musings of Speaker of the House John Boehner, who is, for lack of a better word, a scumbag motherfucker who cares so much about his own agenda, that the fate of America makes as much difference to him as the color of his socks.  The man protests to protests.  even his personal website is a tangled web of deceit and falsehoods.  How isn't he held accountable?  This angered me more as I read the great news about unemployment dipping to a three year low.  He somehow found the negative in this.

During this, I played words with friends and messaged a friend.  We mocked the complete and utter ridiculousness of Facebook and the people that use it to project a false image of themselves.  We used no names, but talked about beach scenes and weekend getaways plastering our homepages, thrown up by people who strive to have what they think is today's white picket fence.  What ever happened to being happy with what you have?  I'd rather lay on a couch with someone I love, watching my kids play, while maybe sipping a cold glass of water than to have someone watching my kids so I can sneak away to snap pictures of some make believe life I don't really have.  We both laughed.  The profile pics of the warm embrace, that lasts about as long as it takes to say cheese and then they both part, off to bang the other guy or girl.  Be happy with the choices you made and the people and the families you've surrounded yourself with.  That's real and that's the person people should like.  You're going to need a lot more wool to pull it over this one's eyes.

During this a friend did a little dream analysis.  I won't get into this, because it's personal for me and personal for her. Let's just say, she said many things I knew were going on in my life and brought clarity to others.  I hope when some dreams start happening for her, she can realize how special they are, even when they are brief.  She's a smart, strong girl.  She will.

I then went on a little rampage, a humorous rampage and three people's pages made me laugh. Some of it was memories of our silly pasts. Another was one comment made by someone reacting to a picture our friend had posted.  The last was a never ending pun barrage that recently seems to be a daily occurrence.  Puns, to me, are the highest form of humor, because you need not only humor and sarcasm, but some serious intelligence to rattle them off as we did.  During this I felt the need to be a little bit of a jerk and talk some smack about my football team, but just then, I read that the opposing teams running backs coach was caught in a home fire and badly burned.  The game immediately became unimportant. When the ball is kicked off, I'll cheer my team, but in the grand scheme of life, who cares.  It is a game played by millionaires for millionaires, not for us.

I then managed to go on a tear of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that littered posts and comments.  Not very "Hopper-Like."  I was corrected and a few actually liked this.  I guess I deserve it, as I am quick to point this out too.  Thanks Dad.  It was almost 4pm.  I had to run out to work. Home by 6:00, and that was with a stop at Dunkin Donuts and a pizzeria in Bronxville.  A forty minute work day and I was exhausted.  I settled back into my chair in front of the computer and signed on to Facebook.  Feeling my eyes about to jump from my skull I signed off.

So the final bite of General Tso's chicken was eaten.  I did the dishes and tried to relax and take my mind off some stuff. Next thing I know and I awake and it's 9pm. Plans to go out, subsided.  I was content with laying down.  I decided I'd jump online and then return to bed.  Next thing I know it's midnight.  I laid back down.  I awoke at 3 to a text.  3am, I guess I came full circle.   Today will be different. I will enjoy this weekend, the games and hopefully the company of some people I want to get together with.  We'll see.  The best laid plans of mice and men....and me.  Never really works.  I'm sure I'll let you all know what happened.  I always do.  For now, I can only look forward!


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